Special Collections

Collections NUST Library has the following special collections: - Company reports. - Conference proceedings (attended by or hosted by NUST officials). - Dissertation/ Theses (from NUST students, students supervised by NUST staff and from other universities). - Industrial attachment reports (from NUST students). - Institutional repository (papers presented by NUST staff at workshops, seminars etc). - African collection (books about Africa's political, social, economic etc issues) - Part of Yvonne Vera's private collection - mostly literary criticism works. NUST Library's Special Collections have grown largely as a result of donations and bequests. Some material is also acquired through exchanges. Location and circulation procedure Currently, there are three locations for Special Collections material. The Reserve Section houses most of the dissertations, theses, reports and parliamentary acts that have been catalogued. The far-end area of the Upper Reading Room houses the Millennium collection of English literary works, i.e., novels, and the third location is the Workroom upstairs (for the Zimbabweana collection). Apart from the novels, no Special Collections material may be used outside the Library. When a patron identifies material that is part of NUST's Special Collection, he/she should approach the Reference Librarian on duty, with the class number and title of the document, and request that the material be retrieved for him/her. On retrieval, the Reference Librarian will require that the patron leave his/ her student identity card which will be returned to the student once he/ she has resubmitted the document.