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Canadian Journal of Education
Note: Electronic Journal
The Canadian Journal of Education (CJE) is published by the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE). CJE is the leading bilingual journal of educational scholarship in Canada. A subscription to CJE is included with a CSSE membership.
Cities and Design/ Paul L. Knox
Cities and Design explores the complex relationships between design and urban environments. It traces the intellectual roots of urban design, presents a critical appraisal of the imprint and effectiveness of design professions in shaping urban environments, examines the role of design in the material culture of contemporary cities, and explores the complex linkages among designers, producers and distributors in contemporary cities, for example: fashion and graphic design in New York; architecture, fashion and publishing in London; furniture, industrial design, interior design and fashion in Milan; haute couture in Paris and so on.

This book offers a distinctive social science perspective on the economic and cultural context of design in contemporary cities, presenting cities themselves as settings for design, design services and the ‘affect’ associated with design.
City by Landscape : The Landscape Architecture of Rainer Schmidt/Schroeder, Thies Help Guide
Note: E-Book

Conservation, Analysis, and Restoration
International Journal of Architectural Heritage  provides a multidisciplinary scientific overview of existing resources and modern technologies useful for the study and repair of historical buildings and other structures. The journal will include information on history, methodology, materials, survey, inspection, non-destructive testing, analysis, diagnosis, remedial measures, and strengthening techniques.
Construction Management and Economics
Note: Covers topics on Economics for urban design.
Construction Management and Economics is the leading international refereed journal that publishes original research concerning the management and economics of building and civil engineering, while also including the management of built facilities.
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