IAS Plus
The IAS Plus website, maintained by Deloitte, provides the most comprehensive information on the Internet about international financial reporting. It is aimed at accounting professionals, businesses, financial analysts, standard-setters and regulators, and accounting educators and students. The site, which is totally free of charge, has a broad array of resources about the International Accounting Standards Board, International Financial Reporting Standards, and international accounting and auditing in general.

IMF eLibrary
Note: Database
The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) eLibrary simplifies analysis and research with direct access to the IMF’s periodicals, books, working papers and studies, and data and statistical tools. It provides information and perspective on macroeconomics, globalization, development, trade and aid, technical assistance, demographics, emerging markets, policy advice, poverty reduction, and much more.
Informs Journals
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Full text scholarly social and applied sciences journals that include Service Science, INFORMS Transactions on Education, Decision Analysis, Information Systems Research, INFORMS Journal on Computing, Interfaces, Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Marketing Science, Mathematics of Operations Research, Operations Research, Organization Science, Transportation Science.
Infusing quantitative approaches throughout the biological sciences curriculum
Note: Article
A major curriculum redesign effort at the University of Maryland is infusing all levels of our undergraduate biological sciences curriculum with increased emphasis on interdisciplinary connections and quantitative approaches. The curriculum development efforts have largely been guided by recommendations in the National Research Council's Bio 2010 report and have resulted in revisions to courses in biology, mathematics, and physics over a period of 10 years. Important components of this effort included (1) developing online modules to infuse more mathematical content into six biology courses taken by biological sciences majors during their first 2 years of study; (2) strengthening the interdisciplinary connections of ancillary courses in mathematics and physics to support the development of quantitative skills in biological contexts; and (3) creating more quantitatively intensive courses for the final 2 years of the bachelors of science programme. These efforts, carried out by a large, multidisciplinary team of faculty, have resulted in increased coherence in the undergraduate biological sciences curriculum, increased quantitative skills in first- and second-year students, and a greater appreciation among graduates for the essential relationship between mathematics and modern biology.
Infusion of Electronic Commerce into the Information Systems Curriculum
Note: Journal Article
Business school information systems programs seek to integrate informationtechnology and business knowledge. Business schools constantly revise IS programs to stay abreast of IT changes. The emergence of e-commerce and e-business represent one such development. This study analyzes the impact of e-commerce content on business IS curricula in the U.S. Over half of the schools included such material as either required or elective. Most business schools were found to provide skills in client-side Web development. Fewer covered material on server-side Web development. E-commerceknowledge and skills have been incorporated into most undergraduate IS programs.
ingentaconnect gives you access to largest linking network of its kind online. Providing more than 10,000 publication that cover Agriculture, Humanites, Sciences, Commerce, and Social Sciences

Innovation in Higher Education
Note: Journal Article
The Journal of Higher Education is an independent refereed journal. Through full-length articles, commentary, and book reviews, JHE encourages creation of effective policy solutions and enhancement of professional development in all areas within the university, the four-year college, and the community college.
Inside Accounting / by David Leung.
Note: dawsonera e-book
This book examines the finance department of a commercial subsidiary company of a renowned UK scientific research organization. 
Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS)
Note: Database
INFORMS publishes 13 scholarly journals, including the flagship journals Management Science and Operations Research, a journal for the practice of OR/MS (Interfaces), the new online-only journal Service Science, as well as an open access journal (INFORMS Transactions on Education.
Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE)
Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Computer Science & Architecture, Imaging science, & Photographic Technology Telecommunications, Robotics, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science Information Systems, Software Engineering, Remote Sensing, Artificial Intelligence.

Integrated Fund Management/ by D. Michael Segrest Help Guide
In this article, the author focuses on integrated fund management increasing and suggests several ways for managing the budget. He defines integrated fund management as a strategic approach to manage local government agency resources. He informs that one should firstly analyze the budget to have overview of fund restrictions and assess if fund balances are decreasing, increasing, or staying constant.
Inter-Organizational Information Systems and Business Management / by Kishor Vaidya.
Note: dawnsonera e-book
"This book highlights the most influential organizational theories and their applications in Inter-Organizational Information Systems, providing theories that have been consistently tested and proven to be valid over time"
Interactive software usage for e‐learning of business statistics
Note: Journal Article
Purpose:  The purpose of this paper is to examine students' academic progress in a course of business statistics through interactive software usage, which helps these students to build their e‐learning during basic competences: solving problems and interpreting results.
Design/methodology/approach: A random sample of 278 students is used to contrast two research hypotheses through the χ2‐test. The sample data correspond to the students' final grades reported during the academic period from Spring‐2004 to 2008 at an American State University.
Findings: The population proportion of students that got passing or better final grades in a course of Business Statistics depends on how these students are classified as users or not users of interactive software (p‐value=0.029); for the students that got passing or better grades: the proportion (86.8 percent) of students using interactive software is greater than the proportion (76.4 percent) of students that do not use interactive software. Confirmation of this conclusion at a significance level α=0.05, is obtained via the z‐test for two proportions (p‐value=0.030), where p1=105/121 and p2=120/157; which means, the data support the first research hypothesis HA1; but, the same data‐set does not support the second research hypothesis (HA2) about the gender effect on the students' academic performance (measured via their final grades); this is, the proportion of students under interactive software training that got passing or better final grades, does not depends on how these students are classified according to their gender (female or male), where the corresponding statistics are χ2p‐value=0.221, and z‐test p‐value=0.219.
Research limitations/implications: The sample is restricted to the students attending fall and spring semesters. Summer students are not included, as the schedule‐environment (eight hours of instruction per week, five weeks) and the grading policies are different in comparison to fall and spring periods (three hours of instruction per week, 14.5 weeks).
Practical implications: The practical implications of this study include the need for a standardization of the summer's syllabi. For example, during the fall and spring semesters, the students are required to complete 60 software‐certificates; while for the summer, the students are required to solve just 30 (50 percent) of the software‐certificates; which represent fewer assignments and less academic effort for the summer's students.
Originality/value: The study extends understanding regarding the responsibility of the instructors/professors, whose priority is to provide high‐quality teaching, maintain a professional ethics environment, as well as the application and fulfilment of the approved academic syllabus.
International Federation of Accountants
As the global organization for the accountancy profession, IFAC is committed to protecting the public interest by developing high-quality international standards, promoting strong ethical values, encouraging quality practice, and supporting the development of all sectors of the profession around the world.

International finance in emerging markets
Note: dawnsonera e-book 
This book addresses contemporary issues in international monetary policy and finance from a welfare economics perspective, focusing on emerging market nations such as Thailand. The book adopts the elements of new welfare economics and asymmetric information paradigms in analyzing those issues including financial liberalization, crisis, exchange rate determination, and domestic capital market reform. The book suggests for the first time a normative social approach for addressing the contemporary issues in international monetary and financial economics. It provides an example of cutting edge research in international finance and monetary economics within a welfare economics framework.
International Journal of Architectural Heritage
International Journal of Architectural Heritage  provides a multidisciplinary scientific overview of existing resources and modern technologies useful for the study and repair of historical buildings and other structures. The journal will include information on history, methodology, materials, survey, inspection, non-destructive testing, analysis, diagnosis, remedial measures, and strengthening techniques.
International Journal of Construction Management

The International Journal of Construction Management publishes quality papers aiming to advance the knowledge of construction management. The Journal is devoted to the publication of original research including, but not limited to the following: 
Construction management
Sustainable construction
Information technology application
Construction production
Construction and real estate economics
Policy and legal framework for construction and real estate industry
Construction procurement
Contract administration
Building and infrastructure works
Construction process
Investment leadership & portfolio management
Note: dawsonera e-book
"Investment Leadership & Portfolio Management" provides a top down analysis of successful strategies, structures, and actions that create an environment that leads to strong macro investment performance and rewarding investor outcomes. By examining how to manage and lead an investment firm through successful investment decision-making processes and actions, this book reveals what it will take to succeed in a radically changed investment landscape.
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