Land Economics
Land Economics is dedicated to the study of land use, natural resources, public utilities, housing, and urban land issues. Established in 1925 by the renowned economist and founder of the American Economic Association, Richard T. Ely, at the University of Wisconsin, Land Economics has consistently published innovative, conceptual, and empirical research of direct relevance to economists. Each issue brings the latest results in international applied research on such topics as transportation, energy, urban and rural land use, housing, environmental quality, public utilities, and natural resources.
Landscape Journal: design, planning, and management of the land
The mission of landscape architecture is supported by research and theory in many fields. Landscape Journal offers in-depth exploration of ideas and challenges that are central to contemporary design, planning, and teaching. Besides scholarly features, Landscape Journal also includes editorial columns, creative work, reviews of books, conferences, technology, and exhibitions.
Leading and managing learning and teaching in higher education
Note: Article
This paper outlines the findings of a study that examined the conceptions of academics regarding the nature of ‘leading’ and ‘managing’ learning and teaching in six Australian universities. These data were considered in the light of institutional systems and documentation regarding the leadership and management of learning and teaching and the contemporary literature on leadership and management, particularly in higher education. The research found that there was congruence between academic conceptions of the roles of leaders and managers in HE and those found in other contexts. In contrast, there was considerable variance and significant gaps between these conceptions and HR and professional development practices. The paper reports findings that have significant implications for more systematic and explicit professional development for University leaders and managers of teaching and learning. In addition, it argues that changes are required to the prevailing approaches in the current HR systems and policies in order to effectively develop, support and recognize effective leadership and management practices as they relate to learning and teaching.
Library Management journal
The journal reflects the latest research undertaken in academic, government and corporate institutions by reporting contemporary thought, whilst also exploring practical implications for those involved in teaching and practice.

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