Real estate finance
 The stated purpose of this book is to explain the principles and practices of real estate finance as needed by people preparing for careers in mortgage lending. The book is also suggested as being a suitable real estate finance text and reference for college and university students, trade and professional people, and borrowers. The book focuses on mortgage lending and the stated purpose is achieved. The book should prove a useful reference for certain trade and professional groups also. The focus is so narrow, however, that the book is not suitable, by itself, as a text for a general course in real estate finance. Also, it is not a suitable reference for most borrowers. Real Estate Finance is made up of 13 chapters, a glossary, and an index. The emphasis is on residential finance, though some aspects of financing income properties are taken up. 
real estate finance
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This work by Nick French(Oxford Brooke University,Oxford, UK). It is  divided into 21 chapters supported by various supplements and prerequisites dotted around the text at the relevant point or contained in the appendices. The majority of the writings are taken from various editions of the Wharton Review either authored or coauthored by Peter Linneman. These are great at adding flesh to the bones; they take the fundamentals discussed in each chapter and place the theory in context. 
Relationship Marketing, Knowledge Management Systems and E-Commerce Operations in Small UK Accountancy Practices
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Some firms are using relationship marketing linked to knowledge management systemsto achieve competitive advantage. Limited empirical evidence exists on the contribution that relationship marketing and knowledge management systems can make towards market success. E-commerce provides an opportunity to assess possible relationships that may exist between relationship marketing; knowledge management systems andmarket performance. A survey of small UK accounting practices suggests that adopting a relationship marketing orientation can enhance market performance. Those practices, which have adopted a relationship marketing orientation, tend to have established knowledge management systems and be involved in ecommerce. The implications of these findings are discussed and proposals made about further research needs.
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