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JSTOR for ARCHITECTURE Some full text available
JSTOR is an archive of scholarly journals covering the following disciplines: Economics, History, Political Science, Language & Literature, Art & Art History, Music, Mathematics & Statistics and Education


Architectural Design Some full text available
What is Architectural Design?

Founded in 1930, Architectural Design (AD) is an influential and prestigious publication. It combines the currency and topicality of a newsstand journal with the rigour and production qualities of a book. With an almost unrivalled reputation worldwide, it is consistently at the forefront of cultural thought and design.

Each title of AD is presented as a thematic volume edited by an invited guest-editor, who is an international expert in their field. Renowned for being at the leading edge of design and new technologies, AD also covers topics as diverse as: architectural history and theory, the environment, interior design, landscape architecture and urban design.

Architectural Engineering and Design Management Some full text available Resource contains images
Informative and accessible, this publication analyses and discusses the integration of the main stages within the process of design and construction and multidisciplinary collaborative working between the different professionals involved.
Ideal for practitioners and academics alike, Architectural Engineering and Design Management examines specific topics on architectural technology, engineering design, building performance and building design management to highlight the interfaces between them and bridge the gap between architectural abstraction and engineering practice.

Architectural History Some full text available Resource contains images

Architectural History: Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain is one of the world's leading English-language periodicals in the field of the history of architecture. Published annually each September, the journal will reach its 50th volume in 2007. Typically around 400 pages in length with about 20 articles arranged in chronological order, the journal publishes material on historical architecture world-wide, with the architecture of Britain currently predominating.

note: Coverage: 1958-2007 Volumes 1-50
arq: Architectural Research Quarterly Some full text available Resource contains images

arq acts as an international forum for practitioners and academics by publishing cutting-edge work covering all aspects of architectural endeavour. Generously illustrated throughout, arq is edited with busy practitioners and academics in mind. Contents include building design, urbanism, history, theory, environmental design, construction, materials, information technology, and practice. Other features include interviews, occasional reports, lively letters pages, book reviews and an end feature, Insight. Reviews of significant buildings are published at length and in a detail matched today by few other architectural journals. Elegantly designed, inspirational and often provocative, arq is essential reading (and Continuing Professional Development) for practitioners in industry and consultancy as well as for academic researchers.

Building Research & Information Some full text available Resource contains images
BUILDING RESEARCH & INFORMATION ( BRI ) is a leading international refereed journal focussed on buildings and their supporting systems. Unique to BRI is a focus on a holistic, transdisciplinary approach to buildings and the complexity of issues involving the built environment with other systems over the course of their life: planning, briefing, design, construction, occupation and use, property exchange and evaluation, maintenance, alteration and end of life. Published articles provide conceptual and evidence-based approaches which reflect the complexity and linkages between cultural, environmental, economic, social, organisational, quality of life, health, well-being, design and engineering of the built environment.
Buildings & Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum Some full text available Resource contains images
Buildings & Landscapes examines the built world--houses and cities, farmsteads and alleys, churches and courthouses, subdivisions and shopping malls--that make up the spaces that most people experience every day. Strongly based on fieldwork and archival research that views buildings as windows into human life and culture, articles are written by historians, preservationists, architects, cultural and urban geographers, cultural anthropologists, and others involved with the documentation, analysis, and interpretation of the built world.

Case Studies in Construction Materials Some full text availableopenURL Resource contains images

Case Studies in Construction Materials provides a forum for the rapid publication of short, structured Case Studies on construction materials and related Short Communications, specialising in actual case studies involving real construction projects. CSCM provides an essential compendium of case studies for practicing engineers, designers, researchers and other practitioners who are interested in all aspects construction materials. The journal will publish new and novel case studies, but will also provide a forum for the publication of high quality descriptions of classic construction material problems and solutions related to actual projects.

Case Studies in Construction Materials covers a wide range of materials and technology including: cement, concrete, reinforcement, bricks and mortars, additives, corrosion technology, ceramics, timber, steel, polymers, glass fibres, recycled materials and by-products, sealants, and adhesives.

Design Management Journal Some full text available
The DMI Design Management Journal is a refereed journal devoted to articles and academic research exploring how design—in products, communication, and environments—is an essential resource, a component of every organization that can be effectively managed to make important contributions to the bottom line and to long-term success. The Design Management Journal is included with a subscription to the Design Management Review and is published in conjunction with the International DMI Education Forum.

The Design Management Journal is formerly the DMI Academic Review.
Design Management Review Some full text available
 Design Management Review explores how great design provides long-term competitive advantage in a changing world. Every issue connects you with the latest thinking on design strategy, methods, and leadership, supported by case studies and research. The Review was founded in 1989 and is published quarterly.

Design Management Review is devoted to articles and case studies exploring how design—in products, communication, and environments—is an essential resource, a component of every organization that can be effectively managed to make important contributions to the bottom line and to long-term success.
Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management Some full text available
Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management publishes papers on innovative developments in the management and practice of construction, and original research work in all aspects of construction management. The journal is international and publishes papers from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa and the Middle East, reflecting the global nature of the construction industry and the research that supports it.

Frontiers of Architectural Research Some full text availableopenURL Resource contains images

Frontiers of Architectural Research is an international journal that publishes original research papers, review articles, and case studies to promote rapid communication and exchange among scholars, architects, and engineers. It introduces and reflects significant and pioneering achievements in the field of architecture research. The subject areas include the main branches of architecture. Papers are dealing with architectural design and theory, architectural science and technology, urban planning, landscaping architecture, existing building renovation and architectural heritage conservation. The journal encourages papers to take a rigorous scientific approach and apply state-of-the-art technology. All published papers will reflect the original thoughts of researcher and basic theories, model, computing and design in architecture. High standard papers dealing with the social aspects of architecture are also welcome. The journal is strictly peer-reviewed and accepts only original manuscripts submitted in English

Home Cultures The Journal of Architecture, Design and Domestic Space Some full text available Resource contains images Resource contains video
Home Cultures is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the critical understanding of the domestic sphere, its artifacts, spaces and relations, across timeframes and cultures. 'Home' is a highly fluid and contested site of human existence that reflects and reifies identities and values.In this context Home Cultures explores the relationship between body and building, consumption, material culture, the meaning of home, moving cultures and social consequences of planning and architecture.
International Journal of Architectural Heritage Some full text available Resource contains images
International Journal of Architectural Heritage  provides a multidisciplinary scientific overview of existing resources and modern technologies useful for the study and repair of historical buildings and other structures. The journal will include information on history, methodology, materials, survey, inspection, non-destructive testing, analysis, diagnosis, remedial measures, and strengthening techniques.
Journal of Architectural Conservation Some full text available Resource contains images

As the leading authority in its field, the international Journal of Architectural Conservation  provides invaluable guidance on policy, practice and technical developments. Encouraging debate on a broad variety of conservation issues, this peer-reviewed Journal with its high academic and professional standards fulfils its ambition to illuminate, question and inform.
The scope of this international journal is intended to be wide-ranging and include discussion on aesthetics and philosophies; historical influences; project evaluation and control; repair techniques; materials; reuse of buildings; legal issues; inspection, recording and monitoring; management and interpretation; and historic parks and gardens.

Journal of Architectural Education Some full text available
The Journal of Architectural Education (JAE) has been the primary venue for research and commentary on architectural education since it was founded in 1947. Published by the Associate of Collegiate School of Architecture (ACSA), the journal publishes include: Scholarship of Design, Design as Scholarship, Op Arch, Translations, Transactions, Interviews, and several form of review, from buildings + projects to books and symposia.


Plant aggregates and fibers in earth construction materials: A review Some full text available Resource contains images

Earth as a building material is increasingly being studied for its low environmental impact and its availability. Plant aggregates and fibers have been incorporated into the earth matrix in the aim of enhancing performance for thousands of years but scientific studies began quite recently. The present paper reviews the state of the art of research on the influence of these various natural and renewable resources in unfired earth materials such as compressed earth blocks, plasters, and extruded and stabilized blocks. This review, based on 50 major studies, includes characterization of the particles and treatments, and recapitulative tables of the material compositions, and the physical, mechanical, hygrothermal and durability performances of earth-based materials. A lack of references on hygroscopic and durability properties was observed. Future research orientations are thus suggested to promote and develop this type of sustainable material, which provides a solution for saving energy and natural resources.


Architectural Research Methods/ Groat, Linda N. &, Wang, David Some full text available Resource contains images
The aim of this book is to provide an introductory handbook for anyone wishing to conduct research— or more informally, inquiry— on an aspect of the built environment— from the scale of a building component, a room, a building, a neighborhood, to an urban center. By this we mean to suggest that this book is intended to be both comprehensive and an entry point. Our intent is to be comprehensive by providing a single text that addresses the full range of research methods available and applicable to the diverse array of topics germane to architectural research. Our intent is also to offer an entry point by introducing readers to the major characteristics and applications of each research method, while simultaneously providing references to more specific books and articles on the methods of interest. This overarching goal, as articulated in the introduction to the first edition of this book, remains a constant. However, both the nature and role of architectural research, as conducted in the academy and practice, have gradually shifted over the decade since the first edition was published in 2002. Some areas of inquiry— for example, the multiple dimensions and applications of sustainable design— have become relatively more prominent. Other research foci (e.g., the application of notable schools of thought such as critical theory or poststructuralism to design theory) have waned in some contexts, while the handsā€on exploration of digital technologies and prototype fabrication has become a significant emphasis in many settings.
note: E-Book
Architecture in Detail II/ Graham Bizley Some full text available Resource contains images
Following on from Graham Bizley’s successful Architecture in Detail, Architecture in Detail II presents 40 case studies of detailing on recent construction projects. Over 150 full colour drawings and photos provide a reference compendium for the professional architect seeking detailing inspiration.

Originally featured in Building Design’s In Detail magazine, the included projects represent some of the most interesting and innovative techniques in recent architecture. Graham Bizley’s beautifully presented detail drawings allow the architect to easily see how ideas and techniques can be applied to other projects. The book is organised by building type for quick and easy 
note: E-Book
Essence of Construction and Building Structures Some full text available Resource contains images

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Agricultural Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Bungalow, Bay-and-Gable & Deck
Road and Highwa
Fabric Structures in Architecture Some full text available Resource contains images

Membrane structures in architecture have come a long way from prehistoric times to the present. Nevertheless, Western histories of architecture and treatises on building construction have often ignored them due to their temporality, circumstantial use, or alleged lack of representation, even though they have been present throughout history in all climates and regions around the world.

However, in recent decades, circumstances have changed and have catapulted the use of structural membranes as structural elements or even building systems for many applications. Technical advances in materials, products, elements, systems, design methods, and comfort, together with growing environmental concerns have increasingly placed structural membranes as a favourable alternative to conventional construction methods. This book is dedicated to this evolution of structural membranes, and it includes recent contributions to materials, design, construction, and new applications, including developments that are not yet well documented.

History of World Architecture Some full text available Resource contains images
Chapter 1 - Introduction to History of Architecture Chapter 2 - Ancient Egyptian Architecture Chapter 3 - Architecture of Ancient Rome and Iranian Architecture Chapter 4 - Architecture of India Chapter 5 - Chinese and Japanese Architecture Chapter 6 - Islamic Architecture Chapter 7 - Architecture of Africa Chapter 8 - Architecture of Europe
Report writing for Architects and Project managers/ David Chappell , Third edition Some full text availableopenURL Resource contains images
Report writing is a much neglected branch of architectural practice even though a sizeable part of an architect's work consists of preparing reports of one sort or another. This book brings together standard report formats to cover all common, and one or two less common, examples to simplify the task of report writing and to avoid omissions.
Sustainable and Modern Architecture Some full text available Resource contains images Resource contains video
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Sustainable Architecture Chapter 2 - Low-energy House and Passive House Chapter 3 - Zero-energy Building Chapter 4 - Autonomous Building Chapter 5 - Green Building Chapter 6 - Modern Architecture Chapter 7 - New Objectivity Chapter 8 - Functionalism Chapter 9 - International Style Chapter 10 - Futurist Architecture
Thinking About Architecture : An Introduction to Architectural Theory/ Davies, Colin Some full text available Resource contains images
In order to understand architecture in all its cultural complexity it is necessary to grasp certain basic concepts such as representation, form, and space. The aim of this book is to provide teachers, students, practicing architects, and curious general readers with a set of ideas that will enrich their conversation, their writing, and above all theirthinking about architecture. The book is divided into eight chapters, each covering a particular aspect ofarchitecture, and introduces difficult concepts gradually. Architectural theorists and philosophers are mentioned in passing and their works are listed in the bibliography, but they are not the subject of the book. Architecture, rather than philosophy, is at the center of the picture. The aim is to enable the reader to understand architecture in all its aspects, rather than to learn the names of particular theorists. Written in a conversational style, Thinking aboutArchitecture is an invaluable and accessible standard introduction to architectural theory.
note: E-Book

Open Access Resources

Architecture_MPS Some full text availableopenURL
Architecture_MPS is the academic journal of the research group AMPS (Architecture, Media, Politics, Society). It addresses the growing interest in the social and political interpretation of the built environment from a multi-disciplinary perspective. It engages with architecture, urbanism, planning, sociology, economics, cultural studies, visual culture, new medias and technologies. It draws on experts who bring emerging issues of international importance to the reader. Its publications are linked with a wide range of research programmes and conferences to further raise awareness of the social importance of architecture.
Built Environment
Built Environment is published quarterly, in March, June, September and December, each issue focusing on a single subject of contemporary interest and relevance to practitioners, academics and students working in a wide range of disciplines.
Subject areas include: architecture; conservation; economic development; environmental planning; health; housing; regeneration; social issues; spatial planning; sustainability; urban design; and transport. All issues include reviews of recent publications.
Charrette Some full text availableopenURL
Charrette is the open access peer reviewed journal of the asssociation of architectural educators (aae). Contributions are welcomed from practitioners and theorists engaged in innovative and significant architectural education and research.
Directory of Open Access Resources Some full text available
The Directory of Open Access Resources (OpenDOAR) aims to provide a comprehensive and authoritative list of academic open access repositories for end-users who wish to find particular archives or who wish to break down repositories by locale, content or other measures. Users can search for repositories by the following regions: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, North America, and South America.
note: Institutional Repositories
Zede Journal Some full text availableopenURL Resource contains images
Zede is a scientific journal on engineering science and application, produced under the auspices of the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, Addis Ababa University. The main objective of the journal is to publish research articles, findings and discussions on engineering sciences, technology and architecture thereby assisting in the dissemination of engineering knowledge and methodologies in solving engineering problems
Zede Journal Some full text availableopenURL Resource contains images
Zede is a scientific journal on engineering science and application, produced under the auspices of the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, Addis Ababa University. The main objective of the journal is to publish research articles, findings and discussions on engineering sciences, technology and architecture thereby assisting in the dissemination of engineering knowledge and methodologies in solving engineering problems

Exam Papers

Architecture Past Exam Papers Some full text available
 Past Exam Papers for Architecture written at NUST.
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