Adult Education
Adult Education in its wildest sense is any form of learning adults engage in beyond tradidtional schooling.  It attempts to discover new methods and create new incentive for learning. It attempts to serve as a means of keeping adults' minds fresh to assimilate that knowledge which is synonymous with power. This guide aims to enhance the researcher's understanding of Adult Education which is channeled torwards an audience comprising of  lecturers, undergraduates, postgraduates and any other stakeholders interested in the research topic. The guide enables the researcher the opportunity  to navigate through an array sources which comprise of primarily peer reviewed journals, books, articles, dissertations and so forth.  
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Educational Philosophy and Theory: Incorporating Access Some full text available

Educational Philosophy and Theory publishes articles concerned with all aspects of educational philosophy. It will also consider manuscripts from other areas of pure or applied educational research. In this latter category the journal has published manuscripts concerned with curriculum theory, educational administration, the politics of education, educational history, educational policy, and higher education.
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Educational Psychology in Practice theory, research and practice in educational psychology Some full text available

The defining feature of Educational Psychology in Practice is that it aims to publish peer refereed articles representing theory, research and practice which is of relevance to practising educational psychologists. In its focus on applied psychology it occupies an important complementary position to those journals which emphasise the experimental work of academic psychologists. The journal particularly recognises that relevant applied psychological theory and practice frequently crosses cultural and state boundaries and consequently the journal promotes an interdisciplinary and international approach, reflected in articles which report major pieces of research, debate issues, detail project evaluations, note research, and describe aspects of professional practice.
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Journal of Education for Teaching International research and pedagogy Some full text available

Journal of Education for Teaching (JET) publishes original contributions on the subject of teacher education. The journal interprets ’teacher education’ in the widest sense, to include academic staff involved with, and responsible for, initial teacher education, continued professional development and the broad field of research into higher education’s contribution to education.  JET welcomes scholarly discussions of new issues in the field, which would include original and rigorous analysis of the policies and practices involved in preparing individuals to work in education at any level.  JET publishes both qualitative and quantitative research, the presentation of empirical research, funded research projects and review articles.
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Studying Teacher Education A journal of self-study of teacher education practices Some full text available

Studying Teacher Education  invites submissions from authors who have a strong interest in improving the quality of teaching generally and of teacher education in particular. The central purpose of the journal is to disseminate high-quality research and dialogue in self-study of teacher education practices. Thus the journal is primarily a forum for teacher educators who work in contexts and programs of teacher education.
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British Journal of Educational Studies Some full text available

British Journal of Educational Studies is one of the UK's foremost international education journals. It publishes scholarly, research-based articles on education which draw particularly upon historical, philosophical and sociological analysis and sources.
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Classroom Discourse Some full text available

Classroom Discourse is an international, peer reviewed journal that provides a forum in which research from language and education disciplines can be combined. The Journal focuses on research that considers discourse and interaction in settings where activity is deliberately organised to promote learning. While most papers focus on the discourse of classrooms, others report research in more informal, naturalistic settings in which, while learning is certainly still taking place, it is not occurring in the typical and ‘traditional’ space of a classroom. Examples might include online tutorials, peer-peer interactions of work-in-progress, and dialogues between ‘trainer and trainee’ in a workplace context.
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Comparative Education Some full text available

Comparative Education is an international peer-reviewed research journal which, since its inception in 1964, has contributed to the growing importance of comparative perspectives in the analysis of educational issues in national, international, and global contexts. The journal engages with theoretical, conceptual and methodological debates in the whole field of comparative education. It publishes rigorous analyses of educational phenomena, policies and developments that are of theoretical and practical importance and of relevance to scholars, policy-makers and practitioners alike. We are particularly interested in in-depth studies investigating the interplay of international and domestic forces in the shaping of educational ideologies, educational systems, and patterns of teaching and learning.
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Critical Studies in Education Some full text available

Critical Studies in Education is one of the few international journals solely devoted to a critical sociology of education. Two interests frame the journal’s critical approach to research: (1) who benefits (and who doesn’t) from current social arrangements in education and, (2) from the standpoint of the least advantaged, what can be done about inequitable arrangements. Informed by this approach, articles published in the journal draw on post-structural, feminist, postcolonial and other critical orientations to critique education systems and to identify alternatives for education policy, practice and research.
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Educational Assessment Some full text available

Educational Assessment publishes original research on the design, analysis and use of assessment to deepen understanding of the performance and quality of individuals, groups, and programs in educational settings. It welcomes rigorous theoretical pieces and empirical studies (quantitative or qualitative) that can inform important national and international discussions in educational policy and practice.
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Educational Psychologist Some full text available

The scholarly essays, reviews, critiques, and theoretical and conceptual articles featured in this exceptional journal contribute to understanding issues, problems, and research concerning all aspects of educational psychology. From meta-analyses of studies probing the effectiveness of teaching methods to historical examinations of textbook standards, the journal provides insightful explorations of new educational concepts and accepted educational practices. The journal, however, does not publish articles whose primary purpose is to report the methods and results of an empirical study.
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Educational Studies Some full text available

Educational Studies aims to provide a forum for original investigations and theoretical studies in education. The journal publishes fully refereed papers which cover applied and theoretical approaches to the study of education.Papers should constitute original research, and should be methodologically sound, theoretically informed, and of relevance to an international audience. The journal is particularly interested in research that aims to inform educational practice(s) within and/or across sectors. Whilst the journal is principally concerned with the social sciences, contributions from a wider field are also encouraged. Empirically-based papers are particularly welcome.
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Journal of Curriculum Studies Some full text available

Journal of Curriculum Studies publishes conceptually rich contributions to all areas of curriculum studies, including those derived from empirical, philosophical, sociological, or policy-related investigations. The journal welcomes innovative papers that analyse the ways in which the social and institutional conditions of education and schooling contribute to shaping curriculum, including political, social and cultural studies; education policy; school reform and leadership; teaching; teacher education; curriculum development; and assessment and accountability.
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Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation Some full text available

The Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation (JEPC) provides a forum for improving the scientific understanding of consultation and for describing practical strategies to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of consultation services. Consultation is broadly defined as a process that facilitates problem solving for individuals, groups, and organizations. JEPC publishes articles and special thematic issues that describe formal research, evaluate practice, examine the program implementation process, review relevant literature, investigate systems change, discuss salient issues, and carefully document the translation of theory into practice. Examples of topics of interest include individual, group, and organizational consultation; collaboration; community-school-family partnerships; consultation training; educational reform; ethics and professional issues; health promotion; personnel preparation; preferral interventions; prevention; program planning, implementation, and evaluation; school to work transitions; services coordination; systems change; and teaming.
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