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Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management Some full text available
Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management publishes papers on innovative developments in the management and practice of construction, and original research work in all aspects of construction management. The journal is international and publishes papers from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa and the Middle East, reflecting the global nature of the construction industry and the research that supports it.

Facilities Some full text available
 Covers the multidisciplinary topics of people, property and process management expertise which underpin successful organizational functions in the workplace. Monitors innovations in theory, tools, legislation, analysis techniques and applications of new ideas in the wide spectrum of facilities management. Publishes original and refereed material that contributes to the advancement of the research and practice.
Journal of Corporate Real Estate Some full text available
 Journal of Corporate Real Estate is the world's only peer reviewed, professional journal dedicated to corporate real estate. It is the leading forum for authoritative, practical guidance not only on current best practice but also the key issues of tomorrow that the corporate real estate executive needs to be aware of. Journal of Corporate Real Estate covers the latest developments and ideas in corporate real estate, and the implications they have for corporate management.


Bill of Quantities with 3D Views Using Building Information Modeling/Abid Nadeem, Andy K. D. Wong, Francis K. W. Wong

An approach for enhancing the production efficiency of bill of quantities (BQ) used on construction projects is presented. The approach was developed to integrate the quantities obtained from a building information model of the project into a suitably prepared electronic format of BQ with 3D views. In this format of BQ, the building information modeling (BIM) technology provides enhanced functionality to a contractor’s quantity surveyor whose primary task is to accurately determine the quantities from the project drawings. A review of the traditional BQ preparation methods is presented to highlight their characteristics and to reflect on their benefits and barriers. Questionnaire surveys were conducted with various groups of respondents to obtain their opinions about the proposed BQ format. They included experienced quantity surveyors from the public and the private sectors, postgraduate, and undergraduate students studying in BIM-related courses. The results of the questionnaire survey showed mostly a positive view toward the proposed BQ format. Slight differences in the opinions of these three groups were also present. It is expected that the approach as presented in this paper for the development of BQ with 3D BIM views could usefully be incorporated into the standard quantity surveying practices for quantity takeoffs in various countries.


Design and the economics of building Some full text available Resource contains images
An understanding of how the design and construction processes interact to determine the cost and quality of buildings is essential to architects, builders and surveyors. Design and the Economics of Building is a text for students in all the built environment fields. It takes a fresh approach to the important issues involved in the building process and their relationship to each other, dealing among other topics with: the cost and construction implications of design decisions; the way design affects, and is affected by, the construction process; the economics of building's essential resources - labour, materials, technology and management; the cost of energy efficiency; methods of cost prediction and control; procurement systems and their implications for cost, time and quality; information flow between designers, surveyors and contractors; the value of buildings, determined by market and social criteria. With its wide scope, readability and generous use of examples and references to recent projects, Design and the Economics of Building will be of interest to all those concerned with the built environment as well as being an essential text for architecture, surveying and construction management students.
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