This guides assists all researchers interested in advertising with resources they may use to enhance their understanding in the topic advertising. It guides researchers to a number of resources that are available in different kind of sources. These sources include journals, books, dissertations just to mention a few. They are available at the researchers convinience without restricted access, available for free and can be downloaded without incurring any costs. The guide is targeted for undergraduates, post graduates, lectures, teaching assistants and any other researcher that is interested in researching on advertising. By using this guide they will be equiped with more knowledge on the topic advertising, as this guide explores it from all dimensions and aspects.
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Electronic Databases

Online Public Access Catalogue Some full text available
The Online Public Access Catalogue allows researchers to search for the Library`s collection at their own convenience from anywhere and anytime. One can search the catalogue for any given topic or subject in any field. Users can also reserve library materials and check the status of their library accounts.


Advertising and Society Review Some full text available
Advertising and Society Review is the first scholarly journal devoted entirely to advertising and its relationship to society, culture, history, and the economy. It is published quarterly in electronic form and distributed through Project MUSE of The Johns Hopkins University Press.
Advertising Effects and Effectiveness Some full text available
The results of the application of an integrated econometric time‐series model for advertising effectiveness is presented in this paper. The model form gives rise to three possible advertising effects: brand loyalty, current effects (both simple and compound) and carryover effects. The inherent nature of these effects is related to the degree of involvement and the effective or cognitive aspects of the purchase decision. 
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European Journal of Marketing Some full text available
The European Journal of Marketing offers unparalleled insights on new research, current practice and future trends so that practitioners and academics can gain a useful overview of marketing activity and apply that knowledge to develop appropriate strategies.
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Evaluating the Role of Advertising Some full text available
This paper presents a procedure useful in assessing the probability of an individual marketer profitably employing advertising to stimulate demand for products or services. The procedure is based on the classic factors which affect the ability of advertising to stimulate demand originally identified by Neil Borden (The Ec onomic s Effec ts of Advertising). This managerial approach provides strategic insights into the extent to which an individual firm should invest in advertising. In addition, the results of the procedure - an advertising opportunity score - provide the strategist with guidance in establishing advertising objectives and determining the portion of the total selling task which should be assigned to advertising.
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Journal of Advertising Some full text available
The goal of the Journal is to provide a public forum that reflects the current understanding of advertising as a process of communication, its role in the changing environment, and the relationships between these and other components of the advertising business and practice. 
Journal of Product & Brand Management Some full text available
This journal aids the understanding of product and brand management when advertising. It has different articles that cover different aspects of advertising. 
Social media and international advertising: theoretical challenges and future directions Some full text available
The primary aim of this article is to identify theoretical foundations that can be used in research on social media in the context of international advertising research. An additional objective is to identify future research directions for theory building in this research area.  The three key theoretical perspectives (networking capability, image transferability, and personal extensibility) provide strong potential for better understanding the advantages and disadvantages of social media use for advertisers. They are also useful for identifying important research gaps that need to be filled in the future.
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The Effect of Perceived Advertising Costs on Brand Perceptions Some full text available
This article explains how, why, and when consumers use their perceptions of advertising costs as cues to a new brand's quality-related attributes is examined. It is proposed that consumers perceive advertising costs as deviations from expectations about typical costs in the product category. Perceived costs are hypothesized to affect brand perceptions in an inverted-U fashion, with extremely high costs leading to negative perceptions. The level of involvement and informativeness of ad content moderate this relationship. An experiment in which subjects are exposed to an ad for a new product provides evidence for the proposed model. 
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The role of advertising in brand image development Some full text available
 This article emphasises that advertising has a central role to play in developing brand image, whether at the corporate, retail or product level. It informs consumers of the functional capabilities of the brand while simultaneously imbuing the brand with symbolic values and meanings relevant to the consumer. These two functions of advertising closely parallel the informational and transformational schools of advertising effects and theories on the central and peripheral routes to consumer persuasion. 
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The Targeting of Advertising Some full text available
This paper examines advertising strategy when competing firms can target advertising to different groups of consumers within a market. With targeted
advertising, we find that firms advertise more to consumers who have a strong preference for their product than to comparison shoppers who can be attracted to the competition. Advertising less to comparison shoppers can be seen as a way for firms to endogenously increase differentiation in the market. In addition, targeting allows the firm to eliminate " wasted" advertising to consumers whose preferences do not match a product's attributes. As a result, the targeting of advertising increases equilibrium profits. The model demonstrates how
advertising strategies are affected by firms being able to target pricing.
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Advertising, Marketing, & Sales Terms and Definitions Some full text available
This is a list of advertising, marketing and sales term and their definitions
Glossary of Advertising Terms Some full text available
A Glossary of Advertising terms
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Advertising and Consumer Behaviour / Pant Himanshu. Some full text available
The book begins by giving a brief introduction to advertising. It goes on to highlight the functions of advertising and shows how consumer behaviour and advertising are interlinked. It is important to do a research on the consumer targeted before planning your advertising strategy.
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Advertising and Media / Himanshu Pant Some full text available
Advertising through the media helps to reach out to a large audience in a very short time. The author of this book touches on the basic areas of advertising and the various sources of advertising, one which is the media. A researcher is also aided with information on advertising and marketing, market promotional strategies and studying consumer attitude and strategy making when advertising a product.
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Advertising promotion: supplemental aspects of integrated marketing communications/ Terence A. Shamp.
Print Location: HF5415.123 SHI Some full text available
This book is intended for use in undergraduate and graduate courses in marketing communications, advertising, promotion strategy, promotion management or other courses with similar titles. It blends marketing communications practice in its varied forms with academic research and theory.
First Steps in Advertising and Sales Promotion / S.A. Chunawalla. Some full text available
Advertising ans sales promotion are inseparable. This book exploits the steps to take when planning your advertising campaign. It looks at the advertising planning process, campaign planning in advertising, economic aspects of advertising, legal and ethical aspects of advertising, and how advertising promotes sales.
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Foundations of Advertising : Theory and Practice Some full text available
This is book deals with fundamentals of advertising, from advertising world, business, advertising types, campaign and creativity in advertising and advertising budget. It also touches on marketing research as well as advertising art-preparation and advertising appeals.
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Global Advertising in a Cultural Context / Milenkovic Mirjana Some full text available
The focus of the book is on the obstacles of standardised advertising in front of the cultural background. Characteristics of various approaches to overcome cultural differences and their suitability for standardised advertising is examined as well as how to overcome cultural differences. 
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Integrated marketing communications in advertising and promotion / Terence A. Shimp.
Print Location: HF5415.122 SHI Some full text available Resource contains images
This book provides a contemporary view of the role and importance of marketing communications, the importance of integrated marketing communications in enhancing the equity of brands, advertising, sales promotions and brand strategies. These topics are made even more accessible through expanded use of examples and applications as well as appropriate academic theories and concepts to provide formal structure to the illustrations and examples.
What's in a Name? : Advertising and the Concept of Brands / Jones et al Some full text available
This book is aimed at helping researches understand that advertising does not only expose a brand into the market but it also builds a brand and influences sales. It also focuses on the contribution on advertising strategy to brand building and how to develop and expose better advertising.
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Open Access Resources

A Theoratical Approach to the Concept Of Advertising In Marketing / Dr. Yakup Durma
This study explains the meaning of advertising describes the objectives of advertising and identifies various types of advertising; and suggests which types of advertising are suitable for consumer and marketers. The field of consumer behavior studies how individuals, groups, and organizations select, buy, use, and dispose of goods, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy their needs and desires. Understanding consumer behavior is never simple, because customers’ behaviors are changeable. They may not be in touch with their deeper motivations, and they may respond to influences and change their minds at the last minute. All marketers can profit from understanding how and why consumers buy.
Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective Some full text available
 In order to best communicate with consumers, advertisers must utilize a myriad of tools (advertising, public relations, direct marketing, interactive/Internet marketing, sales promotion, and personal selling); Belch/Belch is the first book to reflect the shift from the conventional methods of advertising to the more widely recognized approach of implementing an integrated marketing communications strategy. The book underscores the importance of recognizing that a firm must use all promotional tools available to convey a unified message to the consumer.
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Advertising as Information Some full text available
This paper tries to show how the major features of behavior of advertising can be explained by advertising information function. For search qualities, advertising provides direct information about the characteristics of a brand . For experience qualities, the most important information conveyed by advertising is simply that the brand advertises. This contrast in advertising by these qualities leads to significant differences in its behavior.  
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Attitude toward Advertising in General and Attitude toward a Specific Type of Advertising – A First Empirical Approach Some full text available
The paper examines based on international research the differences between results of studies focused on consumers’ attitude toward advertising. The aim of this paper is to show that it is possible to find situations where the influence of attitudes towards specific ads in general on attitudes toward advertising can be observed and also it is possible to find no influence of attitudes toward ads in general. The paper shows that the problem comes from the definition of Advertising in General. The experiments described in this paper detect attitudinal differences toward advertising in general among studied nations depending on the type of advertising. 
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Attitudes toward Specific Advertising Media: Informative or Manipulative Some full text available
This paper focuses on attitudes toward advertising in three specific media(print, television and online advertising) and aims to provide input into the design decisions of an advertising campaign. The survey is based on a sample of 425 Malaysian and international tourists, and one key finding is the positive view that respondents have about advertising in print, online and on television.
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Directory of Open Access Journals Some full text availableopenURL
This a directory that offers free access to scholarly journals from any topic or subject. It uses a quality control system to guarantee the content. Its a one stop shop for all researchers and it also provides journals on the topic advertising.
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Importance of Creative Advertising and Marketing According to University Students’ Perspective / Remziye Terkan Some full text available
This paper studies two important persuasive processes often employed in the management of businesses; Creative Advertising and Marketing Management. Creative Advertising and Marketing Management is necessary in order to have a complete understanding of how producers and sales companies work effectively. While advertising performs the communicative function of informing consumers about a company’s product or services, creative advertising is also attract people to the market, marketing management is a much more complex managerial process which encompasses activities such as; marketing research, product conception and design, pricing, distribution and even advertising.In the study, creative advertising and its importance in marketing managemet are investigated and examined by sample group of university students.
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Internet Advertisement : Helps to build brand Some full text available
This study adds to the growing body of literature on brand building by examining how some facilities of internet advertisement which have impact on brand building. The proposed characteristics of internet advertise, which have been selected to identify the impact on brand building namely customisation facility, purchasing facility, style of internet advertisement, quick feedback and image of internet advertisement.  
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Like It or Not: Issue of Credibility in Facebook Advertising Some full text available

 This paper aims to examine the online factors that influence consumers’ perceptions and attitudes towards advertising on Facebook. A total of 350 respondents participated in the study. The results suggest that there are three online factors that significantly influence consumers’ attitudes towards advertising on Facebook. The factors are perceived interactivity, advertising avoidance and privacy. Surprisingly, credibility was not a significant factor predicting consumer’ attitudes towards advertising on Facebook. The paper also provides some insights to advertisers into dimensions that may draw consumers’ favorable attitudes towards advertising on SNS’s, especially Facebook.

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Three-Stage Entry Game: The Strategic Effects of Advertising Some full text available
 This paper analyzes the effects of investment in advertising in the three-stage
entry game model with one incumbent and one potential entrant firm. It is shown that if a game theory is applied, under particular conditions, advertising can be used as a strategic weapon in the market entry game. Depending on the level of the advertising interaction factor, conditions for over-investment in advertising for strategic purposes are given. Furthermore, three specific cases are analyzed: strictly predatory advertising, informative advertising and the case when one firm’s advertising cannot directly influence the other firm's profit. For each of them, depending on the costs of advertising and marginal costs, equilibrium is determined, and conditions under which it is possible to deter the entry are given. 
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Advertising in a recessionary environment: Consumer response to advertisements and marketer reaction to the environmental changes: a case study of Zimbabwean retail outlets/ Elliot Tavesure.
Print Location: HF5801 TAV Some full text available
The research was conducted to find out if consumers still respond to advertisements in Zimbabwe given the economic downturn effects still impacting on them; to investigate if firms still benefit from engaging in advertising activities as they did before; to investigate if firms still continue to extensively engage in advertising activities; to establish if consumers still buy products in response to advertisements; find out why marketers still advertise in the current economic environment, if they still do
note: Research Project
An analysis of how advertising can enhance brand awarenes, with speial emphasis on CD Richard Ellis (PVT) LTD: a realestate consultancy firm/ Mercy K. Msonza
Print Location: HF5801 MSO Some full text available
This is a research project which seek to find out how can advertising enhance brand awareness. It is useful for those who are intersted on advertising to enhance their brand awareness to their targeted markets.
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