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The Journal of Architecture and Urbanism is a peer-review academic journal which publishes original research papers. The journal presents new results of research and provides a forum for discussion and debate relating to numerous areas of architecture and urbanism. The topics include: urban design and planning; sustainable development of regional structures; history and theory of architecture and urban planning; history and theory of landscape architecture; protection of architecture and urban heritage; technologies of architecture and urban design; architectural education. Each issue of the journal is thematically based and edited by the guest editor.
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JoLA is the academic Journal of the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS), established in 2006. It is published three times a year. JoLA aims to support, stimulate, and extend scholarly debate in Landscape Architecture and related fields. It also gives space to the reflective practitioner and to design research. The journal welcomes articles addressing any aspect of Landscape Architecture, to cultivate the diverse identity of the discipline.


Values in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design : Finding Center in Theory and Practice/ Deming, E. Elen Some full text available Resource contains images
The successful realization of diversity, resilience, usefulness, profitability, or beauty in landscape design requires a firm understanding of the stakeholders'values. This collection, which incorporates a wide variety of geographic locations and cultural perspectives, reinforces the necessity for clear and articulate comprehension of the many factors that guide the design process. As the contributors to this collection reveal, dominant and emerging social, political, philosophical, and economic concerns perpetually assert themselves in designed landscapes, from manifestations of class consciousness in Napa Valley vineyards to recurring themes and conflicts in American commemorative culture as seen in designs for national memorials. One essay demonstrates the lasting impact of the doctrine of Manifest Destiny on the culture and spaces of the Midwest, while another considers the shifting historical narratives that led to the de-domestication and subsequent re-wilding of the Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands. These eleven essays help foster the ability to conduct a balanced analysis of various value systems and produce a lucid visualization of the necessary tradeoffs. Offering an array of case studies and theoretical arguments, Values in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design encourages professionals and educators to bring self-awareness, precision, and accountability to their consideration of landscape designs.
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