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Capital Expenditure Management Some full text available
Professional economist and financial officers of corporations have talked and written a great deal in recent years about the formidable analytical problems of capital budgeting. Administration problems which must be solved successfully before any analytic system can be useful in its business context. This paper is in an effort to indicate what some of these administration problems are and what solutions to them might be.
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Evaluation of Capital Expenditure Proposals under Inflation Some full text available
In recent years, inflation has become increasingly a factor to be reckoned with in corporate capital investment decisions. The purpose of this paper is to analyse and compare three approaches to incorporating inflation considerations in the evaluation of capital spending proposals.
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Factors That Influence Capital Expenditure Review Decisions Some full text availableopenURL
This journal article discusses the factors that influence Capital expenditure review, mostly in Public Policy administration and the health sector.
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Strategic Business improvement approaches to Capital Expenditure processes in manufacturing Some full text available

Effective use of capital is an important strategic tool for any manufacturing company operating in today's high technology and capital intensive environment. This purpose of this paper is to carry out an investigative study into strategic business processes for capital effectiveness practices (CEP) in industry, by means of a literature review, a survey of a sample of UK and US companies.
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The Control and Oversight of Capital Expenditure within Unilever Some full text availableopenURL
The primary objective of any system of control of capital expenditure accordingly must be the selection of those capital projects which bring the greatest benefit to the concern. The first section of this paper sets out some of the general problems affecting the control of capital expenditure; the second gives a brief outline of the organisation of  Unilever, thus providing a necessary preface to the third section, which sets out in some detail the procedure which is followed within Unilever for the oversight and control of capital expenditure.
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Accounting Dictionary Some full text availableopenURL
This dictionary explains accounting terms.
Dictionary of Financial and Business Terms
This dictionary covers almost all financial and business terms. It is written by Roberto de Paula Lico Junior who has a post graduate degree in European Business and Languages.

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African Journal of Accounting, Economics, Finance and Banking Research openURL
This is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed research journal that provides a publication outlet for practical and theoretical issues related to Africa. This journal is interested in country or industry specific issues that relate to accounting, economics, finance and banking. As a result of the need for enhanced development in the African continent, special consideration will be given to papers that not only highlight problems but also proffer solutions and make targeted policy recommendations. This AJAFBR attempts to encourage scholars, academicians and professionals to engage more in Africa-related research and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas. The journal publishes the highest quality articles in all business related disciplines especially in the areas of accounting, economics, finance and banking academic disciplines.
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