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This guide provides access to information sources covering research in the major  areas of bank operations management, credit analysis, treasury operations and relationship management including all other areas relevant to the department of Banking.
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HINARI Restricted Resource Some full text available
 HINARI was launched in January 2002, with some 1500 journals from 6 major publishers: Blackwell, Elsevier Science, the Harcourt Worldwide STM Group, Wolters Kluwer International Health & Science, Springer Verlag and John Wiley, following the principles in a Statement of Intent signed in July 2001. Since that time, the numbers of participating publishers and of journals and other full-text resources has grown continuously. Today more than 160 publishers are offering more than 8,000 information resources in HINARI and many others are joining the programme.
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ProQuest Ebook Central Some full text available
Collection of e-books covering the following disciplines: Anthropology, Business & Economics, Computers & IT, Education, Fine Arts, History, Language and Literature, Law, Life Sciences, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Psychology, Religion, Social Sciences and Technology.
note: Electronic Database
Taylor & Francis eBooks
Over 50,000 eBooks are available from across the Humanities, Social Sciences, Education and Law.
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Taylor & Francis Online Journals
Taylor & Francis, founded in the City of London in 1798, is one of the oldest commercial journals publisher in the world, and one of the leading global academic publishers. The Taylor & Francis Group publishes more than 1,500 journals each year.
note: electronic database


Banking in an ambiguous world
n the summer of 2014 the World Cup was in full swing. The build-up was prolonged and seemingly every ex-player or manager was holding forth on who might have won. It could have been Argentina. It could have been the hosts Brazil. It could have been perennial achievers on the world stage such as Italy or Spain. There were only two real certainties, however. No one really knew who the winner would be. And one of those favourites was likely to crash spectacularly, despite all those pundits' sage pronunciations.
Choosing trust over technology: the Malaysian customer's approach to Internet banking
Trust is a fundamental instinct that builds bridges between people and creates connections between businesses and their customers. But how important is a service provider's trustworthiness in relation to the level of trust afforded to them by their customers? According to a survey of 227 individuals in Malaysia, it is evidently very important. This also stands true for other Asian countries, with customers in Hong Kong citing website security as the main influence behind their choice to transact online.
note: E-journal.
: The Corporate Culture Handbook: an interview with Gabrielle O'Donovan
Gabrielle O'Donovan has worked with major blue-chip companies for many years on corporate culture management. Her recent HSBC culture change programme won an ASTD Excellence in Practice Award in 2005 and her articles have been published in Corporate Governance International, Banking Today and Best Practices Management.
note: e-journals
Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal Some full text available
The Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal is dedicated to the advancement of accounting knowledge and provides a forum for the publication of high quality manuscripts concerning the interaction between accounting/auditing and their socio-economic and political environments.
note: Journal
Africa Research Bulletin: Economic, Financial and Technical Series Some full text available
Africa Research Bulletin has been a leading research service on Africa since 1964, providing impartial summaries of, and extensive reports on, political and economic developments throughout the continent.
note: Journal
Balance Sheet Some full text available
The journal provides a rigorous forum for the publication of theory and empirical work, by both academic and industry experts, related to the financing of risk in its various forms. With a long-standing focus on issues of market convergence, the journal is particularly committed to research addressing (1) the creation of innovative products straddling the boundaries of financial engineering, traditional insurance/reinsurance, and alternative risk transfer, and (2) the development of risk-financing mechanisms in emerging economies throughout the world.
note: Journal
Banking On The Principles : Compliance With Basel Core Principles And Bank Soundness Some full text available
This paper studies whether compliance with the Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision (BCP) improves bank soundness. BCP compliance assessments provide a unique source of information about the quality of bank supervision and regulation around the world. The authors find a significant and positive relationship between bank soundness (measured with Moody's financial strength ratings) and compliance with principles related to information provision.
Controlling the Fiscal Costs of Banking Crises Some full text available
September 2000 Certain measures add greatly to the fiscal cost of banking crises: unlimited deposit guarantees, open-ended liquidity support, repeated recapitalization, debtor bail-outs, and regulatory forbearance. The findings in this paper tilt the balance in favor of a strict rather than an accommodating approach to crisis resolution. In recent decades, a majority of countries have experienced a systemic banking crisis requiring a major-and expensive-overhaul of their banking system.
critical perspectives on international business Some full text available
Critical perspectives on international business provides a space for researchers and practitioners in diverse fields such as management, politics, economics, geography, etc., to come together to examine questions surrounding international business and approaches to management practice.
note: Journal
Customer capabilities, switching costs, and bank performance Some full text available
In this paper, we hypothesize that the extent to which firms can benefit from customers' switching costs is contingent upon the firms' internal cross-selling capabilities. We use online banking data to test our hypotheses and find that customers' switching costs contribute to banks' profitability only in the presence of high levels of internal cross-selling capabilities. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
EBSCO Restricted Resource Some full text available
Provides full-text, abstracted and indexed journals from all branches of science, technology, medicine, social sciences and humanities.
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European Business Review Some full text available
European Business Review provides insights and foresights to practitioners and scholars of the state-of-the-art of academic disciplines in business. It provides historic reviews to enhance our understanding of the current status and the future directions of business and the academic disciplines of business.
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European Journal of Innovation Management European Journal of Innovation Management Some full text available
The subject of innovation is receiving increased interest both from companies because of their increased awareness of the impact of innovation in determining market success and also from the research community. The journal aims to be a European forum for disseminating vital information and knowledge in the field of innovation.
note: Journal
Global Banks, Financial Shocks, and International Business Cycles: Evidence from an Estimated Model Some full text available
This paper estimates a two-country model with a global bank, using U.S. and euro area (EA) data. Empirically, a model version with a bank capital requirement outperforms a structure without such a constraint. A loan loss originating in one country triggers a global output reduction. Banking shocks matter more for EA macro variables than for U.S. real activity. Banking shocks account for about 2–5% of the unconditional variance of U.S. GDP and for 3–14% of the variance of EA GDP. During the 2007–09 recession, banking shocks accounted for about 15% of the fall in U.S. and EA GDP, and for more than a third of the fall in EA investment and employment.
International Journal of Bank Marketing Some full text available
The International Journal of Bank Marketing for the financial services sector, aims to present the latest thinking, practice and research findings on issues of current and future concern for financial services marketers worldwide.

International Journal of Law and Management Some full text available
The International Journal of Law and Management seeks to acknowledge the dynamics of that environment and provide a platform for articles and contributions to stimulate scholarly debate in the development of law and practice. It seeks to present the latest research on policy, practice and theoretical perspectives and their impact on the development and leadership of organisations.
note: Journal
International Journal of Managerial Finance Some full text available
International Journal of Managerial Finance aims to arm its readership with the latest research and commentary in all areas associated with managerial finance, with an informed, inter-disciplinary and international approach.

International Journal of Social Economics Some full text available
The journal will present the social-economic problems, as expressed by economists, philosophers, political scientists, historians and business academics, with their consequent ethical considerations.
note: Journal
Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change Some full text available
The main objective of the journal is to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners from multiple disciplines to disseminate information on organizational and accounting systems change. The journal will be directed at mapping out contemporary changes in the new global business environment. It will seek to explain the new techniques, processes, and philosophies associated with the rise of strategy-oriented accounting and information systems.

Journal of Banking and Finance Restricted Resource

The Journal of Banking and Finance (JBF) publishes theoretical and empirical research papers spanning all the major research fields in finance and banking. The aim of the Journal of Banking and Finance is to provide an outlet for the increasing flow of scholarly research concerning financial institutions and the money and capital markets within which they function. The Journal's emphasis is on theoretical developments and their implementation, empirical, applied, and policy-oriented research in banking and other domestic and international financial institutions and markets. The Journal's purpose is to improve communications between, and within, the academic and other research communities and policymakers and operational decision makers at financial institutions - private and public, national and international, and their regulators.

Main subjects covered include: Accounting and Financial Reporting; Alternative Investments; Asset Pricing; Banking Efficiency; Banking Regulation; Bank Solvency and Capital Structure; Behavioural Finance; Commodity and Energy Markets; Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance and Ethics; Credit Rating; Derivative Pricing and Hedging; Empirical Finance; Financial Applications of Decision Theory or Game Theory; Financial Applications of Simulation or Numerical Methods; Financial Economics; Financial Engineering; Financial Forecasting; Financial Risk Management and Analysis; Portfolio Optimization and Trading; Regulation of Financial Markets and Institutions; Stochastic Models for Asset and Instrument Prices; Systemic Risk.

note: Access is through HINARI
Journal of Business Strategy Some full text available
As one of the few journals dedicated to business strategy, JBS defines strategy in the broadest sense and thus covers topics as diverse as marketing strategy, innovation, developments in the global economy, mergers & acquisition integration and human resources
note: Journal
Journal of Economic Studies Some full text available
The journal seeks research findings and commentary on international developments in economics.
note: Journal
Journal of Enterprise Information Management Some full text available
JEIM increasingly publishes an holistic range of research findings from internationally distinguished experts in the field. Scholarly examinations of the latest theory and practice from the foremost research institutions are augmented by contributions from senior business managers and consultants, who report on specific enterprise case histories. This blended contribution of theoretical and practical outcomes results in an extensive communication of commercial findings and audience understanding of current, applied and rigorous research.
note: Journal
Journal of Financial Crime Some full text available
The journal is essential reading for all those concerned with the prevention, detection and prosecution of financial crime and the protection of assets.
Journal of Financial Economic Policy Some full text available
The Journal of Financial Economic Policy is devoted to the advancement of the understanding of the entire spectrum of financial policy and control issues and their interactions to economic phenomena. These include, but are not limited to: financial markets stability, corporate and systemic liquidity control, monetary and fiscal policy, banking stability and supervision, public debt policy and management, regulation and law, sovereign risk and management.
note: Journal
Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance Some full text available
Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance publishes expert analyses, reviews and case studies, as well as applied research on major developments in financial regulation. It consistently publishes authoritative, intelligent articles and research of direct relevance both to banking supervisors and the regulated institutions,

Journal of Human Resource Costing & Accounting Some full text available
The journal, which takes an international perspective, is designed primarily for academics and informed key HR practitioners. However, financial managers, line managers and consultants who need to understand current ideas, research and practice about Human Resource Costing and Accounting will also find it a useful tool.
note: Journal
Journal of Intellectual Capital Some full text available
The journal publishes original research and case studies by academic, business and public sector contributors on intellectual capital strategies, approaches, frameworks, tools, techniques and technologies in order to increase the understanding of intellectual capital within the context of the modern knowledge economy.
note: Journal
Journal of Investment Compliance Some full text available
The Journal of Investment Compliance (JOIC) is a quarterly professional journal covering regulatory and compliance issues relevant to broker-dealers, investment advisers, mutual funds, hedge funds and other types of investment companies in the principal financial markets of the world.

Journal of Money Laundering Control Some full text available
Journal of Money Laundering Control is the world's only quarterly, peer-reviewed journal designed to keep subscribers up to date with the latest law, regulation, techniques and best practice in the prevention, identification and prosecution of money laundering.

Journal of Property Finance Some full text available
The Journal aims to inform and encourage debate internationally between academics and practising professionals in all aspects of real estate research and practice.

Journal of Risk Finance Some full text available
the journal is particularly committed to research addressing (1) the creation of innovative products straddling the boundaries of financial engineering, traditional insurance/reinsurance, and alternative risk transfer, and (2) the development of risk-financing mechanisms in emerging economies throughout the world.

Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development Some full text available
The journal aims to enhance performance of enterprises and small businesses through detailed investigation and empirical analysis of the latest advances in entrepreneurship and SMEs.

Managerial Auditing Journal Some full text available
The Managerial Auditing Journal provides a dynamic global forum for the examination of current research and practice in auditing and assurance (internal and external; financial and non-financial). The journal addresses the relation between theory and practice by exploring trends, paradigms and perspectives, including the ethical, social, environmental and economic aspects of contemporary assurance, management performance and governance issues. The journal pushes new boundaries for audit and assurance research by seeking to identify new knowledge and practice through the promotion of a dialogue between academics and practitioners. 
Managerial Finance Some full text available

The journal aims to provide an international forum for the publication of high quality research in: finance, financial management, international finance, economics, banking, financial markets, financial institutions, financial strategy, accounting and management information, corporate finance, investments, real estate, insurance and risk management, global finance, financial education and all other issues related to finance.
note: Electronic Journal
Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management Some full text available
Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management aims to promote international and interdisciplinary research at the interface of accounting and management.

Russia: The Banking System during Transition. Some full text available

This report discusses the reforms needed to enable the banking sector in Russia to become more efficient in
performing its roles in a market economy: specifically, in the mobilization of financial savings, the allocation of
resources, and the processing of payments. The focus of the report is on the next three to five years
Society and Business Review Some full text available
Society and Business Review aims to cultivate and share knowledge and ideas in order to assist businesses to enhance their commitment in societies.

Systemic risk: the dynamics of model banking systems. Some full text available

The recent banking crises have made it clear that increasingly complex strategies for mana-
ging risk in individual banks have not been matched by corresponding attention to overall
systemic risks. We explore some simple mathematical caricatures for ‘banking ecosystems’,
with emphasis on the interplay between the characteristics of individual banks (capital
reserves in relation to total assets, etc.) and the overall dynamical behaviour of the system.
The results are discussed in relation to potential regulations aimed at reducing systemic risk
The Evolution of Central Banking. Some full text available
November 1995 What have we learned about central banks? The principal factors affecting central bank autonomy in the past two centuries have been prevailing political conditions, a laissez faire environment, and the exchange rate regime (whether fixed or floating). Institutions we know as central banks emerged or were established as commercial banks or government banks
note: Journal
What Makes Banks Special? A Study of Banking, Finance, and Economic Development Some full text available
How do interactions between banks and nonbank financial intermediaries affect economic development, stability, and efficiency? Will banks continue to be relevant in a financial system in which nonbanks take business away from banks, in which the financing of production is less and less important to banking business, and in which e-money is spreading fast? How will the electronic age change banks' role in financial intermediation? Over the past two decades, finance theory has contributed significantly to understanding banks and identifying what qualifies them to be special financial intermediaries.
note: Journal.
Wholesale banking: risk-seekers or rent-seekers?
Banking has had its ups and downs over the centuries and society certainly has had good reasons to regulate it. In an age of cheaper information, where consumers and businesses should be able to make commercial decisions with lighter regulation, we are actually seeing more calls for regulation. Read on to find out more.
note: E-journals


Global financial deregulation : commercial banking at the crossroads / Itzhak Swary and Barry Topf.
Author Swary, Itzhak.
Title Global financial deregulation : commercial banking at the crossroads / Itzhak Swary and Barry Topf.
Pub info Oxford : Blackwell Finance, 1992.
Descript viii, 510 p. ; 24 cm.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.
Note Includes index.
Subject Banks and banking, International.
  Financial services industry.
  Banks and banking -- Deregulation.
Add author Topf, Barry.
ISBN 0631181881 (cased)

note: book
International banking deregulation : the great banking experiment / Richard Dale.
Author Dale, Richard.
Title International banking deregulation : the great banking experiment / Richard Dale.
Pub info Oxford, UK : Blackwell, 1992.
Descript 211 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Note Includes index.
Subject Banking law.
  Banks and banking -- Deregulation.
ISBN 0631160574 (hbk.)

note: book
Modern commercial banking / H.R. Machiraju.
Author Machiraju, H.R.
Title Modern commercial banking / H.R. Machiraju.
Pub info New Delhi : New Age International, 2008.
Edition 2nd ed.
Descript xiii, 335 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Note Includes index.
Subject Banking.
ISBN 9788122420913 (pbk.)

note: book
The tradability of banking services : impact and implications / United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Programme on Transnational Corporations.
Title The tradability of banking services : impact and implications / United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Programme on Transnational Corporations.
Pub info Geneva : United Nations, 1994
Descript xiv, 195 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.
Series Current studies. Series A ; no. 27
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.
Subject Financial services industry -- Communication systems.
  Financial services industry -- Computer networks.
  Banks and banking -- Communication systems.
  Banks and banking -- Computer networks.
  Electronic funds transfers.
Add author Baark, Erik.
  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Programme on Transnational Corporations.
ISBN 9211044332

note: book

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Banking on the future.
Banking on the Future provides a fascinating insider's look into how central banks have evolved and why they are critical to the functioning of market economies. The book asks whether, in light of the recent economic fallout, the central banking model needs radical reform.
note: e-Book.


A Modern History of Fiscal Prudence and Profligacy Resource contains video
As policymakers assess the need for fiscal austerity against the risk of triggering a recession, a new IMF study looks back at fiscal policy around the world since 1800 and provides insights from those who grappled with similar challenges in the past.

note: International Monetary Fund Video, Published on 28 Jan 2013
Partnerships for Change: Kosovo Resource contains video
In 1999, the people of Kosovo faced the task of rebuilding an economy destroyed by the collapse of socialism, and then war. In this video, Kosovars and IMF experts discuss how they worked together to create from scratch a central bank and a solid banking sector.

note: International Monetary Fund Video,Published on 9 Oct 2012
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