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Fundamentals of Economics
This is a course guide for the Fundamentals of Economics course. 
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African Journal of Economic and Management Studies Some full text available
African Journal of Economic and Management Studies (AJEMS) advances both theoretical and empirical research, informs policies and practices, and improves understanding of how economic and business decisions shape the lives of Africans. AJEMS is a multidisciplinary journal and welcomes papers from all the major disciplines in economics, business and management studies. 
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Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences Some full text available
The Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences (JEAS) is a peer reviewed journal that originated in 1985 at the College of Business and Economics, United Arab Emirates University, for the purpose of promoting scholarly research in the areas of business administration, accounting, economics, quantitative and qualitative methods and related subjects.

The JEAS addresses readers interested in both analytical and empirical research studies. The audience consists of academicians, professionals and/or practitioners who are concerned with the latest development in business and economic research. JEAS has a unique focus on business and economics in the Arab and Gulf area. It publishes papers from authors at mainstream business schools and covers a broad scope of areas related to business, accounting and economics.- See more at:
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Journal of Financial Economic Policy Some full text available
The Journal of Financial Economic Policy is devoted to the advancement of the understanding of the entire spectrum of financial policy and control issues and their interactions to economic phenomena. These include, but are not limited to: financial markets stability, corporate and systemic liquidity control, monetary and fiscal policy, banking stability and supervision, public debt policy and management, regulation and law, sovereign risk and management.
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Studies in Economics and Finance Some full text available
Aims and Scope

Studies in Economics and Finance is an established journal of finance and the intersection between finance, financial markets, and economics. It is a premier outlet for high quality empirical and theoretical research and serves as a forum for peer-reviewed financial and economic studies. The journal is committed to the dissemination of research findings to a wide audience and offers a unique opportunity for researchers to keep abreast of recent developments in the area.

High quality articles, including review and research survey articles on a specific topic, empirical and theoretical research, and other conceptual articles, are not limited to but most welcome within the following topic areas:


Asset management,
Derivatives and financial management,
Risk management,
Investments and alternative investments,
Long term financing,
Small and medium sized enterprises,
Entrepreneurial finance,
Venture capital and private equity.

Financial Markets:

Asset pricing,
Equity, fixed income and credit markets, traded commodities,
Financial products and services,
Financial market efficiency and behavioral inefficiencies,
Capital market structure and information processing,
Financial risk and stability,
Financial econometrics.


Financial markets and economic growth,
Technology, innovation and growth,
International finance and foreign exchange markets,
Financial markets and monetary economics,
Applied econometrics.- See more at:
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Technical efficiency and its determinants factors in Spanish textiles industry (2002-2009). Some full text available

This study provides new evidence about the technical efficiency and its determinants in Spanish textile sector during the period 2002-2009. Our empirical results suggest that the effects of trade liberalization have led to higher levels of inefficiency in the Spanish sector, due to the lack of flexibility of firms to adjust to the environment, and perhaps to aggressive competition with fuzzy rules of the game. Controlling for specific factor like age, intensity of capital, salary by worker, regions and market share, we have obtained that the interaction between market share and size indicates that as firms have more size are also more inefficient


In this paper, the stochastic frontier production function is considered, specifically, a panel data version of (Battese and Coelli, 1995), in which the technical inefficiency is estimated from the stochastic frontier and simultaneously explained by a set of variables. This approach avoids the inconsistency problems of the two-stage approach used in other empirical works when analyzing the inefficiency determinants


This work provides new evidence about the technical efficiency and its determinants can be due to environmental or firm specific factors in Spanish textile sector during the period 2002-2009. We have estimated the Cobb-Douglass stochastic production frontier following Battese and Coelli (1995) model to analyze an unbalanced panel.


The empirical results suggest that the trend of the inefficiency shows a curvilinear behavior in the form of U (turning point third quarter of 2004). This result is related to the efficiency analysis through kernel distributions (in static and dynamic form) confirmed a clear process of divergence. In the period 2002-2005 the efficiency of the firms analyzed maintained higher levels than the 2005-2009 period where there is deterioration. This may be related to the increased competition due to the end of the Multifibre Arrangement in January 2005 and the entry of Chinese products in 2004.
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