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This guide is designed to assist marketing researchers, doing research in the area of marketing to access relevant electronic and print resources.
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HST - Henry Stewart Talks Resource contains images Resource contains video Resource contains audio
Henry Stewart Talks publishes animated audio visual presentations by leading world experts - advanced content in a user friendly format. It covers biomedicine, management, marketing, finance, advertising and many more topics.


Arts and the Market Some full text available
Arts and the Market (AAM) is dedicated to publishing high-quality contemporary research into issues at the intersection of arts and the market; and strongly encourages creativity in the development of theory and practice. AMM embraces the growing number of talented academics working in this multi-disciplinary and international field, challenging and building upon current orthodoxy in this area. The journal adopts a broad view of the arts, including all sectors of the creative industries such as visual arts and crafts, museums, performing arts, music, film, cinema, literature; and also of the disciplinary perspectives that can inform the field. Thus, the journal facilitates an understanding of the various social, commercial, cultural, technological and artistic practices and discourses of production, performance, intermediation and consumption, which shape the arts market.
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Asia Pacific International Journal of Marketing Some full text available
The Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics (APJML) provides a unique focus on marketing and logistics in the Asia Pacific region. It publishes research which focus on marketing and logistics problems, new procedures and practical approaches, systematic and critical reviews of changes in marketing and logistics and cross-national and cross-cultural comparisons of theory into practice.
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Corporate Communications: An International Journal Some full text available
Corporate Communications: An International Journal (CCIJ) addresses the issues arising from the increased awareness that an organization's communications are part of the whole organization, and that the relationship an organization has with its external public requires careful management. The responsibility for communications is increasingly being seen as part of every employee's role and not simply the function of the marketing/PR departments. This journal will illustrate why communications are important and how best to implement a strategic communications plan.

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European Journal of Marketing Some full text available
The European Journal of Marketing offers unparalleled insights on new research, current practice and future trends so that practitioners and academics can gain a useful overview of marketing activity and apply that knowledge to develop appropriate strategies.
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IMP Journal Some full text available

The IMP Journal is a forum of pioneering, high quality research on business networks and interaction processes in the contemporary business landscape. 
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International Journal of Wine Business Research Some full text available
The International Journal of Wine Business Research (IJWBR) is the only journal that provides complete and full coverage across business disciplines, continents and countries, on all issues related to managing wine-related businesses, and its perspective is inclusive of other alcoholic beverages, such as beer and spirits. It provides a mechanism for the exchange of information within the broadly defined fields of wine business, marketing, consumer behaviour, wine tourism and management (as a business organisation, viticulture and wine sensory aspects). It is inclusive rather than exclusive but aims to maintain content in the wine business and alcoholic beverage industry. 
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Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing Some full text available
The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing (JBIM) publishes research on new ideas concerning business-to-business marketing, that is, how one company or organization markets its goods/services/ideas to another company or organization.It is a valuable source for academics, directors and executives of marketing, providing them with new, fresh insights which are applicable within real life settings.  
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Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing Some full text available
The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing provides academics who are teaching marketing and directors and executives of marketing with new ideas concerning business-to-business marketing. That is, how one company or organization markets its goods/services/ideas to another company or organization.
Journal of Communication Management Some full text available
Journal of Communication Management (JCOM) publishes research on the planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of all the channels of communication within an organization. JCM strives to be the definitive publication for communications and public relations professionals in private and public sector organisations as well as academics in universities and business schools.  It is a formal partner of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA), and the preferred publishing partner of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).
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Journal of Consumer Marketing Some full text available
The journal of consumer marketing focuses on the consumer marketing strategies. Articles cover areas on consumer loyalty and loyalty programmes, ethics, consumer perceptions about product packaging. In general, its main focus is to equip marketing stakeholders on consumer marketing issues.
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Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal Some full text available
In the ever-changing world of the fashion industry, it is imperative that senior managers and academics in the field are kept abreast of the latest trends and developments. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management (JFMM) ensures that readers heighten their understanding of issues affecting their industry through the latest thinking and current best practice. 
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Journal of Marketing Management Some full text available
This includes journal articles that cover management science, management, consumer research, marketing executives, marketing research; management; science and marketing strategy. It also offers articles on marketing study and teaching.
Market and technology orientations for service delivery innovation: the link of innovative competence Some full text available
 The purpose of this paper is to deploy an alternative way, drawing upon research in service innovation, to predict service delivery innovation from the extents of market and technology orientations and innovative competence.
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Marketing Intelligence & Planning Some full text available
Marketing Intelligence & Planning (MIP) facilitates communication between researchers and practitioners, providing the users of research with a wealth of robust and relevant information. At a time when some journals are losing their relevance to industry and practical requirements, MIP successfully offers a bridge between academic and practitioner thinking, while retaining a high level of scientific rigour. - See more at:
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Pricing Strategy and Practice Some full text available
The Journal of Product and Brand Management (JPBM) advances the theoretical and managerial knowledge of products and brands. Manuscripts may either report results based on rigorously analysed qualitative/quantitative data or be purely conceptual. All manuscripts must offer significant research findings and insights and offer meaningful implications for the real world.
note: Electronic journal
Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal Some full text available
Established in 1998 Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal (QMR) publishes scholarly research from around the world that aims to further the frontiers of knowledge and understanding of qualitative market research and its applications. This is achieved by publishing high quality research papers that both inform and challenge our awareness of the dichotomy of practices and principals in research in an analytical and practical way.
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Retail and Distribution Management Some full text available
The International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management (IJRDM) focuses on issues of strategic significance in retailing and distribution worldwide and provides a forum for researchers in academia, business, consultancy and management.

The competitive retail sector is under pressure to provide efficient services to hold its share of the market. As consumers demand higher levels of service and supply, they are simultaneously wooed by other alternatives like mail order and out of-town-shopping. The International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management provides a link between production and consumer, and by understanding their relationship it allows retail personnel to study operations practice in other organizations, and to compare methodologies

IJRDM is a truly global journal, with authors from Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia and New Zealand. Having been involved as both a frequent reviewer and as a past guest editor, I can attest to the rigour and relevance of the journal content, and affirm the adherence to strict, double-blind peer review and editorial quality assurance. - Andrew G Parsons, PhD, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
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The role of national culture in international marketing research Some full text available
Reviews and discusses the role of national culture in international marketing research. Special emphasis is given to national cultural frameworks. The two main national cultural frameworks – the Hofstede and the Schwartz – are discussed. Their interrelations are examined and four comprehensive nationalā€cultural dimensions are derived – autonomy versus collectivism, egalitarianism versus hierarchy, mastery versus nurturance, and uncertainty avoidance. The usefulness of national culture as an analytical basis in international marketing research is discussed and the construct of national culture is placed in the context of layers of culture, ranging from global cultures to micro cultures. Acculturation processes to other national cultures and antecedents of national culture are examined. The paper ends with concluding remarks and suggestions for future research.
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Advertising, Marketing, & Sales Terms and Definitions Some full text available
This is a list of advertising, marketing and sales term and their definitions
Oxford Reference Some full text available
A Dictionary of Marketing is an accessible and wide-ranging A-Z, providing over 2,600 entries on topics spanning terms for traditional marketing techniques (from strategy, positioning, segmentation, and branding, to all aspects of marketing planning, research, and analysis), as well as leading marketing theories and concepts. Both classic and modern marketing techniques are covered. Entries reflect modern changes in marketing practice, including the use of digital and multi media, the impact of the world wide web on advertising, and the increased influence of social media, search engine optimization, and global marketing.


Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing Some full text available
This accessible field guide covers practical steps and contributes to behavioral theory by reporting intricate details on the strategies implemented by business-to-business firms within an inter-firm context.  The coverage is deep, broad, and unique—the authors of the 14 papers all adopt the understanding  that researchers need direct viewing—‘eyes-on-the-context’—that goes beyond the use of paper-and-pencil 5-point and 7-point survey items to achieve accurate descriptions of how decisions are made and progress achieved.  Following the customary introductory chapter, the titles of the 13 remaining chapters promise the reader new insights and tools to apply when studying B2B contexts.  This new volume in the Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing series is a must for B2B scholars and executives.
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Advances in International Marketing Some full text available

This volume considers the impact of major trends in external and internal environments of the firm on international marketing. Major themes include: emerging market firms’ innovation, technology-enabled marketing innovation, global account management, knowledge sharing in international alliances, internationalization of small and entrepreneurial firms, export marketing channels, global companies and issues of national culture on consumers’ evaluation of MNEs performance and teaching international marketing to students. Collectively, these studies contribute significant insight into the pressing issues in contemporary international marketing.
note: Electronic book
Global Marketing Management/ Keegan Warren J.
Print Location: HF 1416KOT Some full text available
This is a print book in the library collection. It covers topic on globalisation, development of competitive strategy, global marketing strategy development, and managing global operations. It is good for international marketing researchers.
Improving product reliability/ Levin M. A. and Kalal T. T Some full text available
This book presents a time-tested reliability process which has been refined over the years and can be readily transferable to any organization. Incorporating the whole product development and product life cycle process, this book: explains why product reliability is a requirement for competing in the 21st century covers reliability concepts and how to develop a practical reliability toolbox for your business addresses why businesses are unsuccessful at improving product reliability and a strategy for implementation based on company size describes a three step process for successful implementation of a reliability program provides guidance in selecting and hiring: consultants, reliability engineers and establishing a reliability lab presents tutorials to promote a deeper understanding of the more complex concepts.
note: e-book
Managing Business Marketing and Sales/Jenster P.V, Hayes H.M, and Smith D.E Some full text available
 This book offers the reader a wealth of concepts, theories and frameworks for analyzing, formulating and implementing business marketing and sales strategies. Not only will the reader gain a valuable perspective on the current state of marketing concepts and techniques, but the book offers managerial perspectives which also can provide guidance for the business success. Several features of the book merit special mention. Unique to business marketing books, this book includes, in one volume, a text that presents major concepts of both business marketing and strategic management. A global perspective is integrated throughout the text. The basic premise is that marketing concepts are fundamentally international. 
note: e-book
Marketing planning by design/ Strauss, R. E. Some full text available
"Marketing Planning by Design" covers areas such as: how to overcome existing hurdles of marketing planning and marketing strategy; how to set up a project for managing the marketing planning cycle; how to develop a really target group and content driven marketing planning, which is stepwise cascaded from a program, campaign down to a tactical level; how to make marketing accountable in terms of performance measurement; how to implement an enhanced marketing planning in the organisation; and how to systematically integrate Web 2.0 into marketing planning, or how to link marketing with modern IT. This highly practical book is destined to be a must-have reference work on any marketer's desk.
note: e-book
Marketing: An Introduction/ Armstrong and Kotler
Print Location: HF5415ARM Some full text available
A book by Armstrong Gary and Kotler Philip, that gives an introduction to marketing. It lays a foundation on understanding marketing and the marketing management process. It also focuses on analysing marketing opportunities and developing marketing strategy.
Principles of Marketing/ Kotler and Armstrong
Print Location: HF5415KOT Some full text available
This book discusses a number of marketing principles. It highlights the marketing process, marketing setting and buyer behaviour. As a marketer one should learn more about a product, its price, how to promote it and the location of the product. Kotler and Armstrong explicitly point out these factors.
Research in Consumer Behavior Some full text available

Consumer research is both a micro managerial topic highlighting issues that are potentially relevant to improving marketing effectiveness and a macro sociological topic considering the nature of consumption and its effect on human well-being. The series covers a range of topics employing both quantitative and qualitative research methods. These topics range from advertising effects and brand meanings to materialism and consumer culture. Because consumer behavior is such a central part of contemporary life, papers in these volumes address the role of consuming at the levels of individuals and organizations, families and groups, and cultures and subcultures. Perspectives drawing on psychology, sociology, communications, history, anthropology and religion can all be found within its pages. The series is relevant to each of these disciplines as well as consumer behavior scholars seeking the latest in consumer research, research methods and theory.
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Review of Marketing Research Some full text available

The Review of Marketing Research annual series provides current, state-of-the-art articles by the marketing field’s leading researchers and academics. In contrast to other research publications in the field, that impose rigid limitations on the length of articles, RMR publishes longer chapters that are not only theoretically rigorous but also offer richer detail. RMR includes literature reviews, cutting-edge methodologies, empirical studies, emerging trends, international developments, guidelines for implementation, and suggestions for future theory development and testing.
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Audio Files

Principles of Marketing Resource contains video Resource contains audio
This series has video talks that teach on a number of marketing principles. It deals with consumer behaviour, marketing environment, distribution, pricing, market segmentation, and other core topics of marketing.
Retail Marketing Resource contains video Resource contains audio
The Retail Marketing is a series of talks that are in audiovisual format to enhance understanding in all aspects of retail marketing.


An analysis of how advertising can enhance brand awareness with special emphasis on CB Richard Ellis (PVT) Ltd, a real estate consultancy firm/ Msonza K. M
Print Location: HF5801 MSO Some full text available
The research study sought to analyse how advertising can enhance brand awareness, with special emphasis on CB Richard Ellis (Pvt) Ltd, a real estate consultancy firm. Objectives of the research were to determine how CBRE executed its advertising strategy, a range of factors were investigated such as, the factors that affect media choice, evaluation of advertisements and visibility of the brand. As such, the study was meant to establish where CBRE was going wrong in implementing its advertising strategy as it had failed to achieve its advertising objectives, hence the research explored how CBRE implemented its advertising strategy so that gaps for improvement could be highlighted, given the power of advertising in boosting brand awareness. 
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