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This guide is meant to help students who want to research about Risk Management and Insurance. It comprises of e-books and e-journals that are of great importance to the researchers in this field.
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Five things an FD needs to know about the insurance market Some full text available
The insurance market is having a tough time. Costs are rising as risk become tougher. But the best risks see high costs of insurance as a reason to leave the market and insure themselves. The market cycle has been broken. The key now is to understand and manage risks. Alternative risk transfer techniques could be an answer. But finance directors need to understand the whole issue of risk and risk management much better.
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Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance Some full text available
 This paper is aimed at answering the following questions in Risk Management and Insurance. What is EC? Why are banks and insurance companies focused on calculating EC? What are the differences between EC and regulatory or rating agency capital? What are rating agencies’ views towards EC?
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Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development Some full text available
Risk management consists of a process that involves the assessment and evaluation of risks. Identifying risks that can be reduced and risks that can be transferred (through insurance) is part of that process. The environment for insurance affects the ability of the high technology-based entrepreneur to engage in this process.
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Combining participating insurance and financial policies: A new risk management instrument against natural disasters in agriculture Some full text available
The purpose of this journal is to examine a new insurance policy against natural disasters.The authors propose an optimisation model, which involves both the insurer and the farmer.The paper takes the perspective of an insurer who wants to maximise the farmer's wealth, so that he will be more likely to subscribe the policy. The choice and combination of the policies are then determined and designed by the insurer to reach that aim.
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International Journal of Managerial Finance Some full text available
International Journal of Managerial Finance aims to arm its readership with the latest research and commentary in all areas associated with managerial finance, with an informed, inter-disciplinary and international approach.

Journal of Financial Economic Policy Some full text available
The Journal of Financial Economic Policy is devoted to the advancement of the understanding of the entire spectrum of financial policy and control issues and their interactions to economic phenomena. These include, but are not limited to: financial markets stability, corporate and systemic liquidity control, monetary and fiscal policy, banking stability and supervision, public debt policy and management, regulation and law, sovereign risk and management.
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Life Insurance Contracts with Embedded Options: Valuation, Risk Management, and Regulation Some full text available
This article presents a model for the fair valuation of a large class of insurance and pension liabilities. Life insurance companies and pension funds often issue policies/contracts with embedded options such as minimum return guarantees and bonus and surrender options. Until recently, most companies have neglected the proper valuation and risk management of these contingent claims. Recent recommendations from FASB and IASC have forced companies to revise their policies; the common theme in the recommended new accounting standards is the application of market or fair valuation principles throughout the balance sheet. In order to implement mark-to-market accounting, financial models are needed. The author presents a model of this type, discusses its implementation, and illustrates its potential usefulness with numerical examples. He concludes that minimum return guarantees can become very valuable, insolvency risk can be significant in realistic scenarios, and effective regulatory intervention rules can be of significant value to policyholders.
Managerial Auditing Journal Some full text available
The Managerial Auditing Journal provides a dynamic global forum for the examination of current research and practice in auditing and assurance (internal and external; financial and non-financial). The journal addresses the relation between theory and practice by exploring trends, paradigms and perspectives, including the ethical, social, environmental and economic aspects of contemporary assurance, management performance and governance issues. The journal pushes new boundaries for audit and assurance research by seeking to identify new knowledge and practice through the promotion of a dialogue between academics and practitioners. 
Managerial Finance Some full text available

The journal aims to provide an international forum for the publication of high quality research in: finance, financial management, international finance, economics, banking, financial markets, financial institutions, financial strategy, accounting and management information, corporate finance, investments, real estate, insurance and risk management, global finance, financial education and all other issues related to finance.
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Research on lapse in life insurance: what has been done and what needs to be done? Some full text available
The purpose of this paper is to review research on lapse in life insurance and to outline potential new areas of research in this field.
Risk management for vibrant economic growth and sustained development Some full text available
The paper seeks to makes a correlation between poverty; and disaster-induced losses and to clearly put forth a hypothesis for deepening poverty in India; the disaster – poverty cycle, and to suggest that India would perpetually remain a developing nation unless attempts are made to reduce the burden of disasters on the public exchequer. A practical strategy is put forth for disrupting the disaster – poverty cycle through appropriate risk management measures. This is envisaged to better compensate the disaster victims besides significantly reducing the burden upon public exchequer.
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The Journal of Risk Finance Some full text available
Insurance liabilities are converging with capital markets products (e.g. derivatives and securitizations), thereby increasing the demand for integrated asset and liability management strategies. This article compares the value-added by an integrative approach-based on scenario optimization modelling-relative to traditional risk management methods.
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The Journal of Risk Finance, Some full text available
Systematic mortality risk, i.e. the risk of unexpected changes in mortality and survival rates, can substantially impact a life insurers' risk and solvency situation. By using the “natural hedge” between life insurance and annuities, insurance companies have an effective tool for reducing their net-exposure. The purpose of this paper is to analyze this risk management tool and to quantify its effectiveness in hedging against changes in mortality with respect to default risk measures.
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Insurance and Risk Management Some full text available
There is no single definition of risk. Risk traditionally has been defined in terms of uncertainty. Based on this concept, risk is defined as uncertainty concerning the occurrence of a loss.
Author: Nasreen, Reshma  
Publisher: Global Media
Original Publication Date: 2009
Subjects: Risk (Insurance)   Insurance.   Risk management.  
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Insurance Management /|cSahoo S. C [and] Das S. C. Some full text available
This book gives a definition of Risk,Classification of Risks, Sources of Risks, Risk Management, Probability and its use in Insurance,Dual Application of Law of Large Numbers, Theories of Risk Management
Author: Sahoo, S.C.   Das, S.C.  
Publisher: Global Media
Original Publication Date: 2009
Subjects: Insurance companies -- Management.   Risk management.   Insurance.  
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Wiley Finance, Volume 795 : Modern Portfolio Theory + WS : Foundations, Analysis, and New Developments Some full text available
this series contains books written specifically for finance and investment professionals and financial advisors. Book topics range from portfolio management to e-commerce, risk management, financial re-engeneering and financial instrument analysis.
: Francis, Jack Clark   Kim, Dongcheol  
Publisher: Wiley
Original Publication Date: 01/2013
Subjects: Portfolio management.   Risk management.   Investment analysis.
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Open Access Resources

Directory of Open Access Resources Some full text available
The Directory of Open Access Resources (OpenDOAR) aims to provide a comprehensive and authoritative list of academic open access repositories for end-users who wish to find particular archives or who wish to break down repositories by locale, content or other measures. Users can search for repositories by the following regions: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, North America, and South America.
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Open Access Theses and Dissertations Some full text available
OATD.org aims to be the best possible resource for finding open access graduate theses and dissertations published around the world. Advanced research and scholarship. Free to find, free to use.
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PQDT Open Some full text available
PQDT Open provides the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge.

You can quickly and easily locate dissertations and theses relevant to your discipline, and view the complete text in PDF format.
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Scirus ETD Search Some full text available
A comprehensive scientific research tool from Elsevier, Scirus ETD Search provides an advanced search that can narrow results to theses and dissertations as well as provide access to related scholarly resources.
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Theses Canada Some full text available
A union catalog of Canadian theses and dissertations, in both electronic and analog formats, is available through the search interface on this portal.
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Trove (National Library of Australia) Some full text available
This search portal provides searching, browsing, and access to digital documents, including ETDs, produced in Australia.
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VTLS Visualizer Some full text available
This is a dynamic search and discovery platform with sophisticated functionality.  You can sort by relevance, title, and date.  In the current implementation, faceted searches are available by language, continent, country, date, format and source institution.  Additional facets, such as subjects or departments, can be added if desired.
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WorldCat Some full text available
NDLTD Union Catalog hosted by OCLC.
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Almanacs & Yearbooks

Enterprise risk: who knows my business better than me? Some full text available
The author traces the history and philosophy behind the concept of risk transfer and concentrates on the underlying theory of insurance. He argues that the complexity of the modern business world has meant that the simplicity of the concept has been lost. To this has been added the additional burden of regulation and a greater concentration on risk management.
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