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Journal of Sustainable Forestry
The Journal of Sustainable Forestry provides a linkage of silviculture and the underlying biology: tree physiology, morphology, and genetics. As such, it elucidates the scientific principles and techniques of controlling, protecting, and restoring the regeneration, composition, and growth of natural forest vegetation as well as plantations, agroforestry, and silvo-pastoral systems.

The scope of the Journal of Sustainable Forestry is broad. It encompasses topics from biotechnology, physiology, silviculture, wood science, economics, and forest management. New research pertaining to enhancing the sustainability of forests is considered and encouraged, including papers at the molecular, cellular, whole tree, and forest level. Research results dealing with above- and below-ground perspectives are also published in the journal.

The journal focuses not only on the sustainability of forests as providers of fuel and lumber, but integrative aspects of agroforestry and sustainable agriculture insofar as forest crops are concerned. Issues that are addressed include:

* sustainable forestry in the less-developed countries
* effects of gaseous pollutants and acid rain on tree production and growth
* water use efficiency
* increased resistance to low and high temperature stress
* strategies for forest adaptation to global climate change
* the role of organic biostimulants in sustainable forestry and agriculture

Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science
Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science is one of the leading forestry journals in the Southern Hemisphere. The journal publishes scientific articles in forest science and management of fast-growing, planted or natural forests in the Southern Hemisphere and the tropics. Papers are also encouraged on related disciplines such as environmental aspects of forestry, social forestry, agroforestry, forest engineering and management as well as the goods and services that are derived from forests as a whole. Articles published by the journal are of value to foresters, resource managers and society at large. The journal particularly encourages contributions from South America, Africa and tropical/subtropical Australasia and Asia. Publication of the journal is supported by the Southern African Institute of Forestry .


Management of SoilQuality forSustainable Agriculture
Public interest in Soil quality is increasing through out the world
as human kind recognizes the fragility of earth's soil, water and air
resources and need to protect them to sustain civilization. Soil quality
is the capacity of a specific kind of Soil to function within natural or
managed Keeping in view the urgency and challenges for managing soil
resource, Department of Soil Science, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar conducted
a ICAR sponsored Winter School which has provided an unique
opportunity for young scientists to obtain training on Soil quality
management. This book" Management of Soil Quality for Sustainable
Agriculture" is an out come of this Winter School.
In the present volume a~ticles have been contributed on Soil
quality and Soil resilienc~, indicators of Soil quality assessment,
fertilizers and pesticides application, industrial effluents and solid
waste disposal in relation to soil quality, engineering aspects of soil
quality, SSNM, GIS & GPS in relation to Soil quality improvement,
isotopic technique in soil quality study, quality of soil resource in
India and vermicomosting and biofertilizer technology for soil quality
Reflecting on Gender and Education Research and Practice in the Field of Comparative and International Education: Past, Present, and Future/ by Manion Calorine Some full text available
This chapter provides the past, present, and future of gender and education research, policy, and practice in the context of the field of comparative and international education. Points of discussion include who comprises the gender and education professional community, common challenges, shifting development paradigms and terminology (i.e., from Women in Development to Gender and Development), the historical roots and trajectory of the field in terms of research, policy and practice, and future directions, including new topics, approaches, and methods.
note: The book series
The well-being of farm animals
"The Well-Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions" is the first title in Blackwell Publishing Professional's groundbreaking series "Issues in Animal Bioethics". This important book examines the ethical and economic importance of production animal well-being and pain management - topics of increasing concern to consumers. "The Well-Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions" offers veterinarians, veterinary and agriculture students, animal scientists, and food animal producers both practical methods to enhance farm animal well-being, and greater understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of those methods.With a variety of perspectives from respected experts and specialists, this book conveys new research findings and promotes valuable discourse on critical issues. Most importantly, editors Benson and Rollin provide feasible instruction to put theory into practice. The theories and applications presented in this book are likely to be legislated in the future. Therefore, it is important for veterinarians in production animal medicine to keep abreast of the latest issues in promoting animal well-being, and implement sound animal welfare methods every day. "The Well-Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions" provides the information veterinarians need to do both.
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