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Clothing Textile and Fashion Design:Education
This guide is intended to help clothing textile and fashion design researchers to access relevent information specific to their fields of interest.
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International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology Some full text available
Addresses all aspects of the science and technology of clothing-objective measurement techniques, control of fibre and fabric, CAD systems, product testing, sewing, weaving and knitting, inspection systems, drape and finishing, etc. Academic and industrial research findings are published after a stringent review has taken place. 
note: Electronic journal
International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education Some full text available
International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education aims to provide a high quality peer-reviewed forum for research in fashion design, pattern cutting, apparel production, manufacturing technology and fashion education. The Journal will encourage interdisciplinary research and the development of an academic community which will share newly developed technology, theory and techniques in the fashion and textile industries, as well as promote the development of excellent education practice in the clothing and textile fields.
note: Electronic journal
Developing a Textile Design Recommendation System According to Consumers’ Sensibilities Some full text available

Analysis of customers’ sensibilities and preferences is an important strategy in a market
that is becoming increasingly more customer oriented. The authors propose the Textile Design
Recommendation System (TDRS) as an effective tool for focusing on customers’ needs in the
textile industry. The authors have developed a user interface tool that can suggest textile
designs according to the users’ needs. Collaborative filtering was adopted to search a textile
design, and the performance of TDRS was tested according to three algorithms. This system
may allow textile merchandisers to meet a consumer’s needs more exactly and easily
Fashion designers as business: London Some full text available

This paper aims to provide an insight into how fashion designer businesses work and survive in London, with an understanding of business techniques and the survival strategies of British
fashion designers.
Fashion Practice : The Journal of Design, Creative Process & the Fashion Industry Some full text available

Fashion Practice is the first peer-reviewed academic journal to cover the full range of contemporary design and manufacture within the context of the fashion industry. Design processes and new technologies fuel the most vibrant areas of fashion practice and commerce today, yet they have been largely ignored by scholarship.
note: Elecctronic journal
Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management Some full text available
In the ever-changing world of the fashion industry, it is imperative that senior managers and academics in the field are kept abreast of the latest trends and developments. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management (JFMM) ensures that readers heighten their understanding of issues affecting their industry through the latest thinking and current best practice.
note: Electronic journal
Some Design Concepts of Traditional Subarctic Clothing Some full text available
The environment of subarctic North America required the inhabitants to protect themselves against the extreme winter cold and summer insects. Over this vast region, the Native people developed various clothing technologies which met these needs with the raw materials available to them. Some of the specific garment forms show remarkable ingenuity in design and understanding of the raw materials' properties. As selected examples, the Naskapi coat or the long shirts and footed trousers of the northwestern Athapaskans are unlike anything found elsewhere in Native North America and appear, in most cases, to have been indigenous.
Technology and the Clothing Industry Some full text available
An overemphasis uponh' high-tech 'industries has led geographers to neglect the impact of technological change on traditional industries like clothing. Recent changes in both production and retail technology, plus altered retailers' strategies have created the potentialfor restructuring of the clothing industry, both within Britain and internationally.
The Journal of The Textile Institute Some full text available
The Journal of The Textile Institute welcomes papers concerning research and innovation, reflecting the professional interests of the Textile Institute in science, engineering, economics, management and design related to the textile industry and the use of fibres in consumer and engineering applications. Papers may encompass anything in the range of textile activities, from fibre production through textile processes and machines, to the design, marketing and use of products. 
note: Electronic journal
The second-hand clothing distribution channel Opportunities for retail entrepreneurs in Malawi Some full text available

This preliminary study describes the Malawi second-hand clothing market and recommends strategies for improved distribution by entrepreneurs. We explore the potential for formal retailing of second-hand clothing in Malawi and present avenues for further research on the topic.


An international comparison of productivity change in the textile and clothing industry: a bootstrapped Malmquist index approach Some full text available
. This paper analyzes productivity changes in the textile and clothing industry worldwide during the period 1995–2004. A bootstrapped Malmquist approach is used to identify the respective contributions of technical change, technical efficiency change, and scale efficiency change. Moreover, differences in productivity changes across different groups of firms are statistically assessed.
note: Article
Formal aid in an informal sector: Institutional support for ethnic minority enterprise in local clothing and textiles industries Some full text available
Since the 1970s, advanced countries have gone through a distinct process of economic restructuring. In a number of countries manufacturing industries such as clothing and textiles have suffered a gradual decline. In the UK the problems of the industry have been exacerbated by price rises in raw materials, the ability of retail groups to shift their manufacturing base to cheaper offshore locations and increased importation from developing countries.
note: Article
The Denim Garment as Canvas: Exploring the Notion of Wear as a Fashion and Textile Narrative Some full text available
The markings associated with the physical wear and tear of denim garments are an integral aspect of material culture, pursued as creative concepts through deconstructedfashion approaches. For some designers a textile's heritage and the effects of time are as important as reworking silhouettes from history. While fashion is inherently forward thinking, it is the patina of age that comes from “wearing” a garment that can be integral to the designer's artistic vision.
note: Article
Trade Liberalization in Textiles and Clothing and Developing Countries: An Analysis with Special Emphasis on the US Import Market Some full text available
This article examines the role and importance of the textiles and clothing sector in the economies of the United States and developing countries as well as the qualitative changes in the dynamics of the industry. After briefly looking at the history of protectionism in the industry, the article addresses the impact of quota elimination on developing countries' exports to the United States.
note: Article
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