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Indigenous students and Vocational Education and Training in Schools: Ladder of opportunity or corrugated iron ceiling? Some full text available
Indigenous students complete secondary education at about half the rate of non-Indigenous students, yet are twice as likely to participate in Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Schools subjects. This paper explores the reasons for this phenomenon. 
American Secondary Education Some full text available
American Secondary Education is a distinctive journal because it is one of the few scholarly journals that is focused solely on issues of concern to administrators, teachers, and researchers in middle and high school education.  The journal features two kinds of articles.  Research reports should be unbiased and scholarly in nature.  Informed commentary articles argue for a particular action agenda by citing relevant literature.  The editor welcomes articles about innovative school programs, effective classroom practices, and issues relating to the achievement, lifestyles, attitudes, and culture of adolescents.
Applicable problems in the history of mathematics: practical examples for the classroom Some full text available
The text has been centred on two main ideas:the specification of a good problem to be introduced in a classroom, and according to Freudelhal's view, the importance of teaching students how to apply mathematics in their own real life problems.Putting these two ideas together, we may conclude that historical real world problems fit the classroom, as in modeling and changing them into the mathematical language:1-certain amount of interpretation and presentation is needed, 2-their solutions require application of certain mathematical concepts according to students'knowledge.3-their solution could be related to the main real problem by students and 4-presentation can capture and hold the interest of the students.At the end,AL-Bruni's measurement of the earth's circumstance has been brought as an example of the problems with such specifications
Establishing the use of ‘metre’ as a measure unit: an interdisciplinary approach for teaching mathematics Some full text available
The present article focuses on exploring the dynamics of an interdisciplinary approach in teaching mathematics as a process that cultivates creativity in the school curriculum. We specifically describe here a research project that aims :first, to encourage students to develop and express their activity;second, to support them towards,envisioning mathematics in relation to their school subjects, and third, to assist them in realizing the social role of mathematics itself as a subject closely related to citizenship.The project entitles'Sensitive pedulum or heavy earth' was focused on actively enganging students with the main historical arguments concerning the idea of appropriating a commom measure unit for the length by the French National Assembly during the French revolution.In order to motivate students and productively organize their efforts in this pedagogic setting we exploited certain drama techniques such as role-playing debate.As a result, a short period(i.e 6 weeks) inderdisciplinary project was organised with two classes of 22 and 23 students who attended the 11th grade of an inner city Lyceum schools in Athens, Greece.The students invloved in this project got responces regarding the very often emerging question:Why mathematics is useful.At tghe same time, students seem to change their perception of mathematics and to move towards appreciating its multi-disciplinary and craetive nature as well as the broader significance of mathematics in society.
For the Learning of Mathematics Some full text available
The journal aims to stimulate reflection on mathematics education at all levels, and promote study of its practices and its theories: to generate productive discussion; to encourage enquiry and research; to promote criticism and evaluation of ideas and procedures current in the field. It is intended for the mathematics educator who is aware that the learning and teaching of mathematics are complex enterprises about which much remains to be revealed and understood.  
History of Education Review Some full text available

The History of Education Review is an international journal committed to the publication of high quality peer reviewed research and theoretical papers located in the history of education. HER is the official journal of the Australian and New Zealand History of Education Society.
IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics
The IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics is a direct successor of the Journal of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications which was started in 1965 with the aim of publishing papers in all areas of the application of mathematics. Since the appearance of the IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis in 1981, analytic and numerical treatments of both physical and non-physical applied mathematical problems, including those arising in industry, have formed the main part of the Journal's contents. Longer papers which survey recent progress in topical fields of mathematics and its applications are also published.
Indigenous Children in Australia: Health, Education and Optimism for the Future Some full text available

In Australia, Indigenous children are disproportionately affected by poor health. The combined consequences of illness and social factors in this population have an adverse affect on educational outcomes for Indigenous children, resulting in lower levels of achievement and attainment compared with non-Indigenous children. From early childhood, infectious diseases are significantly more common among these children compared to their non-Indigenous counterparts and there are a number of risk factors that contribute to this burden of disease. Health and education are inextricably linked but, for the most part, the two sectors operate independently of each other in the provision of health and educational services. This article will discuss
the health and educational status of Indigenous children and describe a range of programs and initiatives from both sectors that aim to improve outcomes for this population.
Mathematics in School Some full text available
This lively journal is produced five times per year and includes contributions from mathematics practitioners. It reflects the best of current thinking and practice. In addition to articles covering mathematics teaching, it provides practical advice on general teaching methods, information on the analysis of official reports and reviews of classroom based projects and surveys. It is aimed at teachers of secondary pupils, students in training and all those with a professional interest in mathematics education. (Teachers of primary pupils may also find this journal useful.) Regular features include Mathematical Resources, Book Reviews and the Correspondence Column. Mathematics in School is published by the Mathematical Association, an organization based out of the UK.

note: e-journal
Mathematics Magazine Some full text available
Mathematics Magazine presents articles and notes on undergraduate mathematical topics in a lively expository style that appeals to students and faculty throughout the undergraduate years. The journal originally began in 1926 as a series of pamphlets to encourage membership in the Louisiana-Mississipi Section of the Mathematical Association of America, and soon evolved into the regional publication Mathematics News Letter. Beginning in 1935, the journal was published with the help of Louisiana State University and, as it began addressing larger issues in teaching math, was renamed National Mathematics Magazine. In 1947, the journal's title was shortened to Mathematics Magazine, and in 1960 it became an official publication of the Mathematical Association of America. Mathematics Magazine is published five times per year.  
Power and Education Some full text available
Power and Education is an international peer-reviewed journal promoting critical studies of contemporary educational practice and challenging the complicit practices and assumptions of mainstream educational research.
Research in Comparative and International Education Some full text available

Research in Comparative and International Education (RCIE) is a peer-reviewed international journal, edited by Professor David Phillips of the University of Oxford, assisted by an Editorial Board and an International Advisory Board of international scholars with a wide range of expertise in comparative and international studies.
Teacher support for collective argumentation: A framework for examining how teachers support students ’ engagement in mathematical activities

We propose a framework for examining how teachers may support collective argumentation in secondary mathematics classrooms, including teachers' direct contributions to arguments, the kinds of questions teachers ask, and teachers' other supportive actions. We illustrate our framework with examples from episodes of collective argumentation occurring across 2 days in a teacher ’s classroom. Following from these examples, we discuss how the framework can be used to examine mathematical aspects of conversations in mathematics classrooms. We propose that the framework is useful for investigating and possibly enhancing how teachers support students ’ reasoning and argumentation as fundamentally mathematical activities.
Teaching Mathematics and its Applications Some full text available
The journal provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences which contribute to the improvement of mathematics teaching and learning for students from upper secondary/high school level through to university first degree level. A distinctive feature of the journal is its emphasis on the applications of mathematics and mathematical modelling within the context of mathematics education world-wide. The journal's readership consists of mathematics teachers, students, researchers and those concerned with curriculum development and assessment, indeed anyone concerned about the education of users of mathematics.
The Annals of Statistics Some full text available
The Annals of Statistics publishes research papers of the highest quality reflecting the many facets of contemporary statistics. Primary emphasis is placed on importance and originality, not on formalism.The discipline of statistics has deep roots in both mathematics and in substantive scientific fields. Mathematics provides the language in which models and the properties of statistical methods are formulated. It is essential for rigor, coherence, clarity and understanding. Consequently, our policy is to continue to play a special role in presenting research at the forefront of mathematical statistics, especially theoretical advances that are likely to have a significant impact on statistical methodology or understanding. Substantive fields are essential for continued vitality of statistics since they provide the motivation and direction for most of the future developments in statistics. We thus intend to also publish papers relating to the role of statistics in interdisciplinary investigations in all fields of natural, technical and social science. A third force that is reshaping statistics is the computational revolution, and The Annals will also welcome developments in this area. 
The Mathematical Gazette Some full text available
The Mathematical Gazette is the original journal of the Mathematical Association and it is now over a century old. Its readership is a mixture of school teachers, college and university lecturers, educationalists and others with an interest in mathematics. One of the world's leading journals in its field, it publishes articles about the teaching and learning of mathematics, with a focus on the 15-20 age range, and expositions of attractive areas of mathematics. Regular sections include letters, extensive book reviews and a problem corner.  

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Lecture Notes-Monograph Series Some full text available
The Institute of Mathematical Statistics Lecture Notes–Monograph Series was first published in 1981. The series covers a broad range of topics in probability and statistics.  
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