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Public Sector Management
Public Sector Management
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Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal Some full text available
The journal  is dedicated to the advancement of accounting knowledge, the Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal publishes high quality manuscripts concerning the interaction between accounting/auditing and their socio-economic and political environments, encouraging critical analysis of policy and practice in these areas. The journal also seeks to encourage debate about the philosophies and traditions which underpin the accounting profession, the implications of new policy alternatives and the impact of accountancy on the socio-economic and political environment.
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Annals of the University of Oradea: Economic Science Some full text available
 Academic Journals Database contains complete bibliographic citations, precise indexing, and informative abstracts for papers from a wide range of periodicals. 
All journals are searchable on article level. Full-text from most of the articles is available. 
An essential reference tool for serious research in diverse subject areas, Academic Journals Database opens doors to a wealth of specialized information and also focuses on the public sector.
Policy & Politics Some full text available
Policy & Politics is the leading journal in the field of public policy with an enviable reputation for publishing peer-reviewed papers of the highest quality. It explores the fit between theory and empirical applications and links macro-scale political economy debates with micro-scale policy studies.
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Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences Some full text available
This journal represents a collective effort initiated by an international group aimed at boosting the research in the field of public administration in a country where during the communist regime there was no tradition in this sense.
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Voluntary Sector Review Some full text available

Voluntary Sector Review publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed, accessible papers on third sector research, policy and practice. It is an invaluable cutting-edge resource for all those researching or working in the fast-growing voluntary, community and wider third sectors which will be every useful in studying this course

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A New Management in the Public Sector? Some full text available
This paper examines the crisis of the bureaucratic mode of organisation within public and private sectors and the emergence of new forms of organisational control within which maximal operational decentralisation occurs alongside the further centralisation of strategic command. It is suggested that the new basic principle of post bureaucratic management corresponds to the idea of giving managers 'freedoms within boundaries' and leads to the development of much more horizontal contractual forms of control.
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