This is a guide that aims to help researchers studying the topic motivation. It is useful for both undergraduate and postgraduate researchers who are interested on the topic motivation. In this guide, a researcher is guided to diferent information sources that are useful for motivation studies. These include print books, e-books, journals, audiovisuals, open access resources, and desssertations among others. The guide covers almost every concept concerning motivation, it  varies from defination, theories, case studies, audios, application of motivation, future of motivation, types of motivation and contemporary issues of motivation.
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Electronic Databases

Online Public Access Catalogue Some full text available
The Online Public Access Catalogue allows researchers to search for the Library`s collection at their own convenience from anywhere and anytime. One can search the catalogue for any given topic or subject in any field. Users can also reserve library materials and check the status of their library accounts.


Advances in Motivation and Achievement Some full text available
This is a useful e-journal dealing with motivation issues. It has dealt with motivational interventions, application and context of motivation and achievement, and theoretical perspectives on motivation and achievement among others.
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Can you directly motivate employees? Exploding the myth Some full text available
 This article guide managers on managing the “organizational environment” of their employees in order to return motivation to the employee. Findings explain that motivation is a function of the maturity level of the organization. The range of motivations available to employees is limited by this maturity level. Employee motivation is not a tool directly available to management. The environment within which employees operate is the maturity level of the organization.
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Global trends in motivating employees Some full text available
In this article the author looks at global trends for employee motivation, emphasizing that positive reinforcement is the key to motivation. States that reward, recognition, stability and cultural background have become very important. Uses data from a study of 12,000 students over 41 countries to make this argument. Outlines the measurement and results within the survey. Provides some brief examples from industry.
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Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation Some full text available
In this journal article, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation types are explained in detail. The author has answered questions like: Are people motivated by external rewards or the motivation is innate without any external contribution?, and why incentives work in some situations but also result in failure on some other situations?. On answering these questions, the author brings out that extrinsic motivation factors are situational and their results vary with context.
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Motivating employees Some full text available
This article outlines the policies of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in creating an organization in which its 48,000 employees are “customer obsessed”. Discusses participation in service/quality teams, highlighting their structure and practices, leadership and commitment to the scheme, communication and training, measurement and tracking and reward and recognition. Suggests four priority areas which emerge as critical requirements to building a sustained service improvement strategy through teams ‐ ownership, leadership, employee satisfaction and focus.
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Motivation, pay satisfaction, and job satisfaction of front‐line employees Some full text available

This paper aims to explore the complex relationships between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, pay satisfaction and job satisfaction at the retailer that uses a pay‐for‐performance plan for front‐line employees. The results provide some support for the complementary nature of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation was positively associated with pay and job satisfactions, whereas extrinsic motivation was negatively associated with job satisfaction, and not associated with pay satisfaction.
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New model of job design: motivating employees' performance Article Options and Tools Some full text available
The paper aims to identify the key issues of job design research and practice to motivate employees' performance. The conceptual model of Hackman and Oldham's job characteristics has been adopted to motivate employees' performance. The paper finds that a dynamic managerial learning framework is required in order to enhance employees' performance to meet global challenges.  This may be of value to researchers and practitioners in the management development field for offering enhanced jobs to employees leading to improved performance.
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Retaining and motivating employees: Compensation preferences in Hong Kong and China Some full text available
This paper reports two studies involving data collected from 583 participants in Hong Kong and 121 participants in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and examines the most popular compensation components offered by organizations to employees and participants’ perceptions regarding the five most important compensation components to retain and motivate people in Hong Kong and PRC, respectively. Results suggested that in Hong Kong, base salary, merit pay, year‐end bonus, annual leave, mortgage loan, and profit sharing were the most important factors to retain and motivate employees. In China, base salary, merit pay, year‐end bonus, housing provision, cash allowance, overtime allowance, and individual bonus were the most important factors to retain and motivate employees. Results are discussed in light of economic, geographic, and culture‐related factors.
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SOCIAL MOTIVATION Some full text available
The article is focusing mainly on social motivation. It has highlighted much on social facilitation, social loafing, social anxiety, and impression management and self presentation in social motivation.
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The Influence of Motivation on Employees’ Performance: A Study of Some Selected Firms in Anambra State Some full text available
The study investigates the influence of Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivation on employees’ performance of selected manufacturing firms in Anambra State. 63 respondents selected from 21 manufacturing firms across the three senatorial zones of Anambra State were sampled (3 from each firm). The result obtained from the analysis showed that there existed relationship between extrinsic motivation and the performance of employees while no relationship existed between intrinsic motivation and employees’ performance. The study reveals extrinsic motivation given to workers in an organization has a significant influence on the workers performance.
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What motivates employees according to over 40 years of motivation surveys Some full text available
Explores past and present attitudes of employees concerning work‐related motivational factors. Understanding the factors that employees consider motivating lends insight to the rewards to which they more positively respond. Compares the results of four motivation surveys conducted in 1946, 1980, 1986 and 1992. The comparisons reveal that employees’ motivational preferences vary over time. 
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Work, motivation and personal characteristics: an in‐depth study of six organizations in Ningbo Some full text available
The purpose of this paper is to investigate employees' work motivation in China. It aims to give answers to two questions: what motivates employees in China? What are the effects of personal characteristics on work motivation for employees in China?
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Advances in Motivation and Achievement : Decade Ahead, Volume 16A : Theoretical Perspectives on Motivation and Achievement Some full text available
In this book the author has focused mainly on motivation and achievement. It is in this book where one can find detailed information concerning motivation and achievement. In general there has to be motivation for achievement in organisations.
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Building a better business : the key to future marketing management and motivation / Patrick Dixon.
Print Location: HF5415.129 DIX Some full text available
This book is focusing on building a better business through marketing management and motivation. It is giving an insight on how motivation in organisation can build a better business.
Engagement Equation : Leadership Strategies for an Inspired Workforce Some full text available
The book is explaining motivation of employees through engagement. The author is raising a point that engaging employees in organisational activities is equal to motivated worker and higher performance. This book is giving strategies and explains how managers and leaders need to engage their followers for them to feel valued hence motivated.
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Incentives : Motivation and the Economics of Information Some full text available
This is a book dealing with the subject of incentives particularly as a way of motivating. The author has explained well on how incentives can motivate one to bring the best and work at their fullest potential.
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Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation : The Search for Optimal Motivation and Performance Some full text available
This book is dealing mainly with intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. It covers areas of the problem of intrinsic motivation, costs and benefits of achievement goals, the role of interest and learning in self regulation, and answers the question , "Are the benefits of achievement goals still hidden?". It also explains the concept of intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation.
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Motivation in Public Management : The Call of Public Service Some full text available
The book covers in depth the motivation issues associated with public service management. It has highlighted on foundations of public service motivation. It also deals with antecedents, correlates, and outcomes of public service motivation. The author also went on to comparative analysis in public service motivation as well as the future of public service motivation in detail.
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Motivation, Emotions & Leadership : The Silent Side of Management Some full text available
An extensive book on management. It extensively deal with motivation with emphasis on leadership and emotions as keys issues to be considered by manament whenever thinking of motivating employees.
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Psychology of Emotions, Motivations and Actions : Motivation, Consciousness and Self-Regulation Some full text available
This book focuses on the role of psychology with insights on emotions, actions, self-regulation, and consciousness. It also covers much on fundamentals of motivation, models of motivation, and cultural mediation of motivational process.
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Safety Cases and Safety Reports : Meaning, Motivation and Management Some full text available
The book is focusing on safety cases and safety regulation in industries. The author has highlighted how safety cases and safety regulations and safety reports motivate employees in industries. The way an organisation provide safety at work and the way they report cases has an impact on motivating employees.
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Seven Simple Tools to Build a Motivating Work Environment Some full text available
In this book, the author is describing and explaining seven simple tools for building a motivating environment at work. This also supports that the employees need to be motivated indirectly by just creating a conducive working environment.
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Trends and Prospects in Motivation Research Some full text available
This book explains the trends  and prospects in motivation research. It covers various topics including: integrating achievement motive and goal constructs, intrinsic task motivation, student motivation, model of motivational change in transitional contexts, and functional approach in motivation. This is a useful book for researchers in the area of motivation from all disciplines.
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Valuing People to Create Value : An Innovative Approach to Leveraging Motivation at Work Some full text available
The author has dealt well with motivation at work through valuing people to create a motivating environment at work. This document is in two parts and first part focuses on the foundations of motivation at work and the last part is addressing the concept of building motivation at work in the contemporary environment. In general it is very useful for those interested in motivating employees at work.
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Open Access Resources

20 ways to motivate your employees without raising their pay/ Dr. Dave Worman. Some full text available
In this document it explained that it is a costly mistake to get lost in the false theory that more money equals happy employees. The author outlined 20 alternative ways to motivate employees. This is a very useful document for those willing to motivate their employees in the absence of enough funds to increase salaries. These 20 ways are also a costless strategy of motivating employees.
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A Review of Employee Motivation Theories and their Implications for Employee Retention within Organisations. Some full text available
The article provides synthesis of empolyee motivation theories and offers explanation of how employee motivation affects employee retention and other behaviours within an organisation. The paper provides illustrations with explanation on how effective emp;loyee retention practices can be explained through motivation theories and how these efforts serve as a strategy toincreasing organisational performance.
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A summary of motivation theories / Benjamin Ball. Some full text available
A summary of motivation theories by Benjamin ball is a useful paper for motivation researchers, particularly those interested in motivation theories. The topics covered includes: what is motivation, kinds of motivation, and overview of motivation theories. The author has also explained on Maslow deficiency needs versus growth needs as a motivation theory.
note: open access resource
Behavioral Management Theory: Understanding Employee Behavior & Motivation Some full text available
Behavioral management theory was developed in response to the need to account for employee behavior and motivation. The shift moved management from a production-orientation (classical leadership theory) to a leadership style focused on the workers' human need for work-related satisfaction and good working conditions.
note: open access resource
Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Theories of Motivation from an Attributional Perspective / Bernard Weiner. Some full text available
Two related attribution theories of motivation are examined. One, an intrapersonal theory, includes self-directed thoughts (particularly expectancy of success) and self-directed emotions (pride, guilt, and shame). The second is an interpersonal theory and includes beliefs about the responsibility of others and other-directed affects of anger and sympathy. These two theories are respectively guided by the disparate metaphors of the person as a scientist and the person as a judge. Some experimental evidence supporting the conceptions and the range of phenomena that they incorporate are examined.
note: open access resource
Managament and motivation / Nancy H. shanks. Some full text available
 Concepts of motivation particularly who and what motivates employees are explained in this document. It provides an overview of different theories of motivation. The author also identified the extrinsic and intrinsic factors that impact motivation. The startegies to enhance employee motivation are also provided and explained.
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Motivation Some full text available Resource contains images
This is an open resource focused on definition of motivation, theories of motivation, types of motivation and motivating factors.
Motivation theory in practice / Denzil O. Clegg. Some full text available
This is a document that is helpful for managers to put motivation theories into practice. Case studies are used to show how motivation theoris where put into practice in diferent areas and context. This is a very useful paper for those interested on puting motivation theories into practice.
note: open access resource
The Needs Theory: Motivating Employees with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Some full text available
This focuses on needs like hunger, thirst, security, friendship, respect and being all that you can be, which are some of the things that motivate us to take action even at work. This document helps to further understand these needs and how they motivate behavior by showing where they fall in Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
note: open access resource
Theories and principles of motivation /Sandra Graham and Bernard Weiner. Some full text available
The document is generally focusing on theories and principles of motivation. The topics covered vary from what is motivation theory, history of scientific study of theory of motivation, contemporary motivation research, general theories of motivation, to general issues in study of motivation. All these topics are explained in this paper.
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Theories of motivation Some full text available
In this open access file, theories of motivation are highlighted. Theories covered are: content theories, process theories, Porter and Lawler model, and environmental based motivational theories. Thge application of motivation theories are also explained.
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What Is Employee Motivation? /Susan M. Heathfield Some full text available
This is an open access document by a human resource management expect. It is covering the defination of employee motivation, gives tips about motivation, explains factors to encourage motivation as well as advantages of employee motivation.
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Audio Files

Work motivation: definition, purpose, and relevance Resource contains images Resource contains video Resource contains audio
This talk is focused on work motivation definition, purpose, and relevance. It covers work motivation, why we work,and motivation as a choice in the work place.


Zimbabwe : Employee motivation in the construction sector- key link to productivity / Simon Makata.
Print Location: HD9715.A2 MAK Some full text available
This is a research project which deals with employee motivation with emphasis to construction industry. It is very helpful in the study of employee motivation particularly in the land industry within the scope of Zimbabwe.
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