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Ebrary. Some full text available
—Ebrary is a well renowned ebook aggregator that houses a plethora of disciplines and subject areas. Pathology has a vast representation on the aggregator under medicine with material ranging from atlases to handbooks
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Dawson Era ebooks. Some full text available
Dawson Era is an ebook aggregator that accommodates medicine amongst a host of other disciplines. To get access to some of the material you'll be required to submitt login details. Not to worry! A sign up option is available to enable use of aggregator's resources.
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Hinari. Some full text available
Hinari has a plethora of journals covering vast academic disciplines hence it is predominantly a journal aggregator. Hinari has a dedicated platform for pathology under the medicine subject discipline.
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Springer eJournals. Some full text available
Springer eJournals an ebook and journal aggregator that houses various disciplines within its collections. Clinical and anatomic pathology are prominent subjects that are widely comprehended on under medicine particularly eJournals.
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Taylor and Francis Journals. Some full text available
Taylor and Francis journals is as the name suggests a journal aggregator with contents of astronomical subjects, topics and disciplines that comprehend on Medicine and ultimately Pathology.
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Wiley Online Library. Some full text available
Wiley is a journal and ebook aggregator that contains rich collections of resources covering almost all the disciplines. It independently has a medicine platform that caters for pathology journals and ebooks.
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Acta Oncologica Some full text available
—Acta Oncologica is one of the leading journals in clinical oncology and related disciplines, and accepts articles within all fields of clinical cancer research from applied basic research to cancer nursing and psychological aspects of cancer. Articles on tumour pathology, experimental oncology and biology, cancer epidemiology and medical radiophysics are welcomed if they have a clinical aim or interest.
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BMC Clinical Pathology Some full text available

—BMC Clinical Pathology is an open source software but with a greater focus on other aspects such as autopsy, clinical forensic pathology, clinical biochemistry, cytogenics and cytopathology amongst other topics. BMC Clinical Pathology publishes subject specific journals focused on the needs of individual research communities across all areas of bilology and medicine.
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Diagnostic Pathology Some full text available
Diagnostic pathology is recommendable because it is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that considers research in surgical and clinical pathology, immunology, and biology, with a special focus on cutting-edge approaches in diagnostic pathology and tissue-based therapy. Diagnostic Pathology provides an integrative journal for molecular  pathology and digital and virtual pathology, creating an open case discussion platform to be used during daily diagnostic work.
note: Electronic Journal
Histopathology Some full text available
Histopathology is a valuable journal primarily because it has a variety of pathological disciplines in covers. The journal shifts its focus towards the advancement of pathology particularly the clinical practice; investigation of the human disease is a huge draw behind this journal more than anything else.
note: Electronic Journal
Pathology International Journal Some full text available
 Pathology International Journal is largely relevant to pathology holistically. The Journal focuses on the morphological study of the disease process and/or mechanisms. It covers large areas such as renal pathology, breast pathology, brain tumour pathology and so many other disciplines of pathology.
note: Electronic Journal
The Journal of Pathology Some full text available
 The Journal of Pathology: Clinical Research is the publication of studies that illuminate the clinical relevance of research in the broad area of the study of disease.The Journal welcomes investigative diagnostic, prognostic, and biomarker studies with clear clinical relevance, that advance our understanding of the mechanisms of human disease. In general, hypothesis-driven studies that are appropriately powered and validated will be preferred.
note: Electronic Journal
Ultrastructural Pathology Some full text available
—Ultrastructural Pathology is the only journal to be devoted entirely to diagnostic ultrastructural pathology. The journal spotlights ongoing advances in the uses of electron microscopic and immune histochemical techniques, correlations of ultrastructural data with light microscopy, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, biochemistry, cell and tissue culturing, electron probe analysis, and important new investigative clinical methods.
note: Electronic Journal


Atlas of Oral Pathology Some full text available
The Atlas of Oral Pathology  has high-quality color photographs and radiographic illustrations of oral disease to help you recognize and identify oral diseases. It presents clinical and radiographic features of common diseases found in the oral cavity according to location, color, surface change, and radiographic appearance.
note: Atlas
Atlas of Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology Some full text available
  Atlas of Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology is an illustrated resource for diagnosis of bone and soft tissue lesions in particular  due to their rarity and complexity. In addition to carefully selected histologic photographs, this unique atlas enhances standard visual information with illustrations of imaging findings, cytology, and molecular and cytogenetic information. This vivid pictorial survey is arranged in a pattern-oriented approach based on the actual working method used in daily practice.
note: Atlas
Color Atlas of Pediatric Pathology Some full text available
The Color Atlas of Pediatric Pathology covers the broad range of pediatric diseases that a pathologist will likely encounter and is written by well-known leaders in this field. Coverage includes both frequent and less commonly seen cases, and each discussion presents a concise summary of the salient features of the disease along with expertly selected, high-quality color images. The atlas features approximately 1,100 high-quality images as well as important staging and prognostic (including molecular) parameters.
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