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Specifying educational purpose: aims, goals and objectives. Curriculum Specification, operational content Bloom’s Taxonomy: domains and levels of learning process/ expressive objectives. Competences and performance criteria (P.C) Learning outcomes. Planning for cognitive, psychomotor and effective learning outcomes. Teaching strategies: face to face, print based, e-learning, etc. Learning styles: tutor-led, self directed, mediated, etc. Documentation for teaching  
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Springer is one the most leading international scientific publishing companies. Springer ejournals cover a wide range of subjects including biomedicine and the life sciences, clinical medicine, physics, engineering, mathematics, computer sciences, human sciences, social sciences and economics.
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Taylor and Francis Online Journals Some full text available
Taylor & Francis, founded in the City of London in 1798, is one of the oldest commercial journals publisher in the world, and one of the leading global academic publishers. The Taylor & Francis Group publishes more than 1,500 journals each year.
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British Journal of Educational Studies Some full text available

British Journal of Educational Studies is one of the UK's foremost international education journals. It publishes scholarly, research-based articles on education which draw particularly upon historical, philosophical and sociological analysis and sources.
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Canadian Journal of Education Some full text available
The Canadian Journal of Education (CJE) is published by the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE). CJE is the leading bilingual journal of educational scholarship in Canada. A subscription to CJE is included with a CSSE membership.
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Leading and managing learning and teaching in higher education Some full text available
This paper outlines the findings of a study that examined the conceptions of academics regarding the nature of ‘leading’ and ‘managing’ learning and teaching in six Australian universities. These data were considered in the light of institutional systems and documentation regarding the leadership and management of learning and teaching and the contemporary literature on leadership and management, particularly in higher education. The research found that there was congruence between academic conceptions of the roles of leaders and managers in HE and those found in other contexts. In contrast, there was considerable variance and significant gaps between these conceptions and HR and professional development practices. The paper reports findings that have significant implications for more systematic and explicit professional development for University leaders and managers of teaching and learning. In addition, it argues that changes are required to the prevailing approaches in the current HR systems and policies in order to effectively develop, support and recognize effective leadership and management practices as they relate to learning and teaching.
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Learning and teaching policies in higher education: mediations and contradictions of practice Some full text available
This article explores the meanings involved in the development and implementation of learning and teaching policies in higher education through a single institution case study in an English university. It draws on interview data collected from middle manager-academics, located in Schools, who are charged with implementing learning and teaching policies. Tensions and contradictions of practice emerged from a detailed analysis of the data identified through three closely related themes: centre/periphery, time and temporality, and disciplinary locations. The central theme, which frames the discussion of the other two, concerns relations between centre and periphery. The manager-academics identify themselves with the interests of their colleagues within Schools and use their position to mediate between central pressures and practice on the ground. Rather than identifying with managerialist practices, they rely on projected ideals of collegiality in their relationships with School colleagues. At the core of these experiences are differing conceptions of time in the centre/periphery relationship. Different experiences of temporality, tempo, and timing are explored from the manager-academics' perspective. There is considerable tension between time understood on the ground and the time-scales of central learning and teaching initiatives. The final theme concerns the organising role of disciplinary identities in articulating meaning at the periphery. Innovations appear rooted in disciplinary practice and some tensions exist between these and perceptions of educational theory and development. The article suggests that these contradictions and tensions might be a source of strength to the institution rather than having negative effects. It concludes with some reflections on the importance of time to the development of educational theory.
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Motivation of teachers in higher education Some full text available
Purpose: Motivation is the process that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal (Robbins and Judge, 2008). Teacher motivation is vital to the growing and evolving field of higher education, yet it is not investigated enough. Need for rapid growth of higher education, issues in compensation, developments in information technology and dearth for teaching and technical skills brought teacher motivation to the center stage. The purpose of this paper is to apply McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y to study teacher motivation in higher education.
Design/methodology/approach: An empirical study was conducted through survey method. A questionnaire was designed to elicit responses from randomly selected respondents.
Findings: Teachers in higher education were classified under Theory X and Theory Y styles. The relationship between teaching style and specific motivators in the class and on the job, preferred teaching methods and classroom management techniques were investigated.
Research limitations/implications: Application of McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y to understand teacher motivation in higher education provided interesting and new insights.
Social implications: This study would have implications for teacher-student fit and institution-teacher fit in learning environments.
Originality/value: The nature of a teacher’s way-of-being matters to his/her motivation and performance in classroom. Implications exist for teacher recruitment and teacher training programs in relation to the profile of students and identifying and implementing right methodologies for classroom performance. This study has and ragogical implications for classroom teaching, relationship with students and parents and interpersonal relationships among peers and education administrators.

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Students’ Approaches to Learning and Teachers’ Approaches to Teaching in Higher Education Some full text available
Research into learning and teaching in higher education over the last 25 years has provided a variety of concepts, methods, and findings that are of both theoretical interest and practical relevance. It has revealed the relationships between students’ approaches to studying, their conceptions of learning, and their perceptions of their academic context. It has revealed the relationships between teachers’ approaches to teaching, their conceptions of teaching, and their perceptions of the teaching environment. And it has provided a range of tools that can be exploited for developing our understanding of learning and teaching in particular contexts and for assessing and enhancing the student experience on specific courses and programs.
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A handbook for teaching & learning in higher education: enhancing academic practice Some full text available
Author Fry, Heather.
Title A handbook for teaching & learning in higher education : enhancing academic practice / Heather Fry, Steve Ketteridge and Stephanie Marshall.
Pub info London : RoutledgeFalmer, 2003.
Edition 2nd ed.
Descript xiii, 449 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Note Includes Index.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.
Subject College teaching handbook manual etc.
  College teachers.
  Lecture method in teaching.
ISBN 0749437995 (pbk.)

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Assessing student learning in higher education Some full text available
Author Brown, George.
Title Assessing student learning in higher education / George Brown, with Joanna Bull and Malcolm Pendlebury.
Pub info London : Routledge, 1997.
Descript xiii, 317 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.
Subject Universities and colleges -- Great Britain -- Examinations.
  College students -- Rating of -- Great Britain.
  College teaching -- Great Britain -- Evaluation.
  Education, Higher -- Aims and objectives -- Great Britain.
  Education, Higher -- Great Britain -- Evaluation.
Add author Bull, Joanna.
  Pendlebury, Malcolm.
ISBN 0415162262 (hbk.)
  0415144604 (pbk.)

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Preparing to teach: an introduction to effective teaching in higher education Some full text available
Author Gibbs, Graham.
Title Preparing to teach : an introduction to effective teaching in higher education / Graham Gibbs, Trevor Habeshaw.
Pub info Bristol : Technical & Educational, 1992.
Descript ix, 255 p. : forms ; 22 cm.
Series Interesting ways to teach
Note Includes index.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.
Subject Higher education institutions Teaching
Add author Habeshaw, Trevor.
  Gibbs, Graham. Prepare to teach.
ISBN 0947885560 (pbk.)
note: Book
Strategies in teaching and learning Some full text available
Author Siyakwazi, Ben John
Title Strategies in teaching and learning / B.J. Siyakwazi and P.D. Siyakwazi.
Pub info Harare : Sapes Books, 1999.
Descript 92 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
Note Includes index.
  Includes bibliographical references.
Subject Teaching.
Add author Siyakwazi, Peggy Doris
ISBN 1779050852 (pbk.)

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The African university and its mission: strategies for improving the delivery of higher education Some full text available
Author Ngara, Emmanuel.
Title The African university and its mission : strategies for improving the delivery of higher education institution / Emmanuel Ngara.
Pub info Roma, Lesotho : Institute of Southern African Studies, National University of Lesotho, c1995.
Descript xviii, 194 p. ; 23 cm.
Series ISAS book series .
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.
Subject Education, Higher -- Africa.
  Education, Higher -- Aims and objectives -- Africa.
  Universities and colleges -- Africa -- Administration.
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