Quality and Innovation in Higher Education
High quality and relevant higher education is able to equip students with the knowledge, skills and core transferable competences they need to succeed graduation, within a high quality learning environment which recognises and supports good teaching.
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Cambridge Journals Some full text available

Cambridge publishes over 300 peer-reviewed academic journals for the global market. Containing the latest research from a broad sweep of subject areas, Cambridge journals are accessible worldwide in print and online.


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Oxford Journals Online Some full text available
Oxford Journals Online entails information on Biological Sciences, Medicine, Public Health& Epidemiology, Mathematics, Computers, Statistics, Humanities and Social Sciences.
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Palgrave MacMillan Journals Some full text available
Palgrave MacMillan offer a combined portfolio of 25 peer-reviewed e-journals.
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ProQuest Ebook Central Some full text available
Collection of e-books covering the following disciplines: Anthropology, Business & Economics, Computers & IT, Education, Fine Arts, History, Language and Literature, Law, Life Sciences, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Psychology, Religion, Social Sciences and Technology.
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SAGE Journals Online Some full text availableopenURL
SAGE Publications is an independent international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media. Known for our commitment to quality and innovation, we are a world leader in our chosen scholarly, educational, and professional markets.
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Higher Education Some full text available
Higher Education is recognised as the leading international journal of Higher Education studies, publishing eight separate numbers each year. 

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The Journal of Higher Education Some full text available
It is the leading scholarly journal on the institution of higher education. Articles combine disciplinary methods with critical insight to investigate issues important to faculty, administrators, and program managers.
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Academic Goals and Learning Quality in Higher Education Students Some full text available
In this article, the relations between academic goals and various indicators that define the quality of the learning process are analyzed. The purpose was to determine to what extent high, moderate, or low levels of academic goals were positively or negatively related to effort regulation, the value assigned to academic tasks, meta-cognitive self-regulation, self-efficacy, beliefs about learning control, and management of time and study environment. The investigation was carried out with a sample of 632 university students (70% female and 30% male) and mean age of 21.22 (SD=2.2).The results show that learning goals, or task orientation, are positively related to all the indictors of learning quality considered herein. Although for other kinds of goals—work-avoidance goals, performance-approach goals, and performance-avoidance goals—significant relations were not found with all the indicators, there was a similar tendency of significant results in all cases; the higher the levels of these goals, the lower the levels of the indicators of learning quality.
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Educational Innovation, Quality, and Effects Some full text available
Despite the extensive literature on educational innovations, there is only limited empirical research available into the impact of innovations on student achievement. In this article, the following research questions will be answered: What form do innovations in secondary education take, are there types of innovative schools, and what effect do these innovations have on school quality student careers? The findings show that types of innovative schools differ significantly on quality assessments aspects of the Inspectorate of Educational quality of “time,” and of the “teaching-learning process.” Furthermore, the school output data showed that in the lower education tracks the more innovative schools obtain good results with their students, whereas in the higher education tracks the less innovative schools perform significantly better.
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Facilitating innovations in higher education in transition economies Some full text available
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to analyse innovations in education from the point of view of product content and markets selected. Emerging market economies face a number of problems many of which are closely linked to and dependent upon the effectiveness of higher professional education. External environment changes, such as the formation of knowledge economy, globalisation, changes in the educational needs of consumers as well as new technological advances and growing competition require a different scale of innovations in higher education.
Design/methodology/approach: The authors provide research results generated by three waves of expert interviews and several surveys.
Findings: Economies in transition set special and very challenging tasks to the higher education system. It needs to be flexible enough to provide high quality services to meet the changing needs of a transition economy and still be able to carry our it’s social and humanitarian functions. A strategic marketing approach can be useful to implement the necessary transformations within higher education and develop innovations in the content and delivery of educational services to satisfy a variety of stakeholders of a university and facilitate positive developments in the society.
Research limitations/implications: There is a gap between how universities perceive their main functions in a transition economy and what government and society expects from them.
Practical implications: Export of education and other forms of internationalisation are very important for universities in transition economies. Unless linked to the university development strategy, internationalisation has little impact on the programmes' quality and will remain élite in character.
Originality/value: The paper combines conceptual issues (such as educational service definition) and practical aspects such as new competencies needed, transformation management and internationalisation strategy development all linked together by the needs of transition economies.
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Governance Modes and Interests: Higher Education and Innovation Policy in Austria Some full text available
Governance has become one of the central concepts in political science, but what is absent is the question: Which modes of governance produce which policy output? This paper develops a classification scheme for modes of governance in all dimensions of public policy and then applies it empirically in four Austrian case studies concerning higher education and innovation. We extend the scholarly discussion on governance to the factor interests and argue that this analytical factor needs to be taken into account in future research in order to understand the modes of governance in policy processes.
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Higher education and research innovation in China Some full text available
China places a great emphasis on boosting its innovative capability, which it says is the key to meeting the challenges in economic development and global competition.  At the heart of the matter is how the country could produce its own agent of innovation- creative graduates and post graduates.
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Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century: Innovation, Adaptation, Preservation Some full text available
This article is about isruptive change and how it is never easy for those who have helped construct the status quo.  By definition, it undermines much that we take for granted and rely on, much that has evolved over time.  It sometimes destroys things that are worth treasuring, but disruptive change also provides an opportunity for restructuring that can actually improve our institutions. Our task should be to adjust as nimbly as we can, taking advantage of new opportunities while we protect those aspects of traditional higher education that are of the greatest importance to our mission.
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Innovation in Higher Education Some full text available
The Journal of Higher Education is an independent refereed journal. Through full-length articles, commentary, and book reviews, JHE encourages creation of effective policy solutions and enhancement of professional development in all areas within the university, the four-year college, and the community college.
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Evaluating Teacher Quality in Higher Education Some full text available
There is general agreement that a method for evaluating teaching in higher education is sorely needed and that it is desirable to avoid a situation in which each institutional has laboriously to develop its own approach.  

Author:  Aylett, RobertGregory, Kenneth
Publisher:  Taylor and Francis
Date Published: 10/2012
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Quality assurance in higher education : an omni-systemic approach (Volume 3) / V. D. Madan. Some full text available
Author Madan, V.D.
Title Quality assurance in higher education : an omni-systemic approach (Volume 3)/ V.D. Madan.
Pub info New Delhi : Authorspress, 2007.
Descript xx, 544 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.
Note Includes index.
Subject Quality assurance...Higher education.
ISBN 8172733739 (hbk.)

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Quality assurance in higher education : the UK experience since 1992 / Roger Brown. Some full text available
Author Brown, Roger.
Title Quality assurance in higher education : the UK experience since 1992 / Roger Brown. 
Pub info London : RoutledgeFalmer, 2004.
Descript xv, 201 p. ; 20 cm.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.
Note Includes index.
Subject Quality assurance...Higher education
ISBN 9780415334921 (hbk.)

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