Introduction to Computer Science and Programm
This is a course research guide for those who are doing Introduction to Computer Science and Programming.  It covers the basics of programming in computing. 
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International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems Some full text available
It aims to publish high quality scientific papers arising from original research and development from the international community in the areas of parallel, emergent and distributed systems
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Introduction to computer science and programm
Information Society, History of Computers: Data and Information, Number systems and arithmetic, Data representation, Basic Computer Components:- CPU, I/O units, Storage; Brief  Concepts of Computer Languages and Programming Techniques: high/low level languages, compiler, interpreter, grammar, recursion, simple data structures (arrays, lists, trees, hash tables, queues & stacks), problem solving. Algorithms: Sorting, compression, numerical and encryption; Operating systems and its functions:- process and memory management, I/O, Data Communication, Job Control; processing:- File structures, organisation and access, Databases; Fundamentals of Networks. A simple program, initionalisation, printing, comments, keywords, constants, assignment, expressions.
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