Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
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Fluctuation thermodynamic model of diagnostics for preventive maintenance Some full text available
Presents results obtained from research of a model of change in condition of systems with a view to raising effectiveness of a technological trial (testing) and to improving preventive maintenance. On the basis of this model, it follows that maximum dispersion of the condition parameter can be used as an early diagnostic parameter. A possible screenplay of change of the stochastic process dispersion which describes the fluctuation parameter has been analyzed. Discusses an example of testing an organizing real manufacturing system according to the statistical characteristics of the condition parameter. Provides a general procedure of preventive maintenance of the system according to the condition, based on synthesis of global and local diagnostics according to a fluctuation thermodynamic model.
International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow Some full text available
The purpose of this paper is to describe an experience of R&D in the field of new technologies for solar energy exploitation within the Italian context. Concentrated solar power systems operating in the field of medium temperatures are the main research objectives, directed towards the development of a new and low‐cost technology to concentrate the direct radiation and efficiently convert solar energy into high‐temperature heat.
International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow Some full text available
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the thermal and fluid dynamic behaviors of natural convection in a vertical channel‐chimney system heated symmetrically at uniform heat flux in order to detect the differentfluid motion structures inside the chimney, such as the cold inflow from the outlet section of the chimney and the reattachment due to the hot jet from the channel, for different extension and expansion ratios of the adiabatic extensions.
The Investigation of Thermodynamics and Combustion Properties of Alcohol-Gasoline Blends in an SI Engine Some full text available
In this study, the thermodynamic properties, energy release, combustion, and emission variations in a spark ignition (SI)engine fueled with alcohol-gasoline blends and gasoline has been investigated. Test results showed that the net indicated work area of alcohol-gasoline blends was wider than pure gasoline blends and also; this situation affected positively the brake mean effective pressure and engine power output. The mass burn ratio of alcohol–gasoline blends was higher than those of pure gasoline. The exhaust emission level decreased with the increase of ethanol content in the fuel blend, but similar results was not observed with methanol–gasoline blends.
Thermodynamics of Simultaneous Drying and Power Production Some full text available
In this article we investigate an innovative thermodynamic scheme to recover some of the large drying energy in the superior form of mechanical work at the cost of a small reduction of drying rate. To define properties of this thermodynamic scheme we analyze the performance of a nonisothermal, drying-driven engine in terms of heat and mass fluxes flowing to/from solid and gaseous phases as energy reservoirs.


Advanced Classical Thermodynamics Some full text available
Chemical and Metallurgical Thermodynamics Some full text available
Metallurgy,   Thermodynamics.  
Chemical Energy and Exergy : An Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics for Engineers Some full text available
Thermochemistry,   Irreversible processes,  Exergy.   
Chemical Thermodynamics for Industry Some full text available
Thermodynamics -- Industrial applications.   Chemical engineering.   
Chemical Thermodynamics: Advanced Applications Some full text available
Thermodynamics,  Thermodynamic equilibrium. 
Generalized Thermodynamics : The Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes and Generalized Hydrodynamics Some full text available
Irreversible processes,   Thermodynamics,   Hydrodynamics.   
Heat and Thermodynamics Some full text available
Heat,  Thermodynamics.  
Thermodynamics : A Dynamical Systems Approach Some full text available
Thermodynamics -- Mathematics.   Differentiable dynamical systems.   
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