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Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Some full text available
Acoustics, General Linear Acoustics, Nonlinear Acoustics, Atmospheric Acoustics and Aeroacoustics, Underwater Sound, Ultrasonics and Physical Acoustics, Transduction, Acoustical Measurements, Instrumentation, Applied Acoustics, Structural Acoustics and Vibration, Access

Beech Tree Publishing openURL
Beech tree publishes three International, peer-reviewed academic journals. They have readers in over 120 countries, mainly in universities and government. They are all on public policy for science and technology, research, or environmental, social, health and other impacts.
EBSCOhost Some full text availableopenURL
Provides full-text, abstracted and indexed journals from from all branches of science, technology, medicine, social sciences and humanities.
note: Electronic database.
Emerald Some full text available
Management, Financial Mnagement, Library and Information Science, Engineering and Marketing.
note: Electronic Database
Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) Some full text available
Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Computer Science & Architecture, Imaging science, & Photographic Technology Telecommunications, Robotics, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science Information Systems, Software Engineering, Remote Sensing, Artificial Intelligence.

JSTOR for management
JSTOR is an archive of scholarly journals covering the following disciplines: Economics, History, Political Science, Language & Literature, Art & Art History, Music, Mathematics & Statistics and Education.
note: Electronic Database
Royal Society Some full text available
Mathematics, engineering and other physical sciences, All biological sciences; particularly good on ecology, environment, Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary science.


African Journal of Science and Technology Some full text available
The African Journal of Science and Technology (AJST) is a biannual technical publication of the African Network of Scientific and Technical Institutions (ANSTI). It is supported by UNESCO.

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials Some full text available
Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials provides a broad coverage of the materials and techniques employed in corrosion prevention. Coverage is essentially of a practical nature and designed to be of material benefit to those working in the field. Proven applications are covered together with company news and new product information.

Card-house Theory of Mud Sediments Containing Kaolinite and its Acoustical Implications Some full text available
Harbor mud contains the clay mineral kaolinite, Al_2Si_2O_5(OH)_4. Isomorphous substitution, Al atoms occasionally replacing Si atoms, causes a net positive charge of roughly one electronic charge per 400 Si atoms. Kaolinite platelets have diameters and thicknesses of the order of 1 µm and 20 nm. The platelet's positive charge induces a thin negative charge layer of suspended negative ions on both sides, layer thickness dependent on temperature, creating a continuous sheet of transversely aligned longitudinal electrical quadrupoles. Platelets repel each other weakly when placed face to face. The natural configuration is where the only connection between platelets are with the edge of one touching the center of the face of another. The resulting configuration resembles a house of cards. Because the platelets are thin, the porosity is close to unity, and the sound speed is slightly less than the sound speed in water. This type of mud weakly resists shear because any shearing leads to an increase in electrostatic energy within the card house. Theories are presented to answer why bubbles in mud tend to have a flattened shape and to explain the small but nonzero attenuation of sound in mud. [Work sponsored by Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program.]

Case Studies in Engineering Design Some full text available
A multidisciplinary introduction to engineering design using real-life case studies.

Case Studies in Engineering Design provides students and practising engineers with many practical and accessible case studies which are representative of situations engineers face in professional life, and which incorporate a range of engineering disciplines.
Circuit World Some full text available
Circuit World provides a central, international and independent forum for all those with a research or application interest in the development of the various technologies, processes and procedures associated with printed circuit board design and manufacture.

It makes an important contribution to the technical body of knowledge and expertise in this crucial area, linking research to current practice and application. The journal comprises a multidisciplinary study of the various technologies, processes and current practices relating to the design and manufacture of printed boards.

It provides state-of-the-art technical papers and editorials by leading industry experts complemented by international industry trends, society news, new products and diary of international events.

Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems Some full text available
Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems is devoted to the advance of systems thinking and systems techniques throughout the spectrum of civil engineering activity and also to environmental decision-making and management.

The Journal provides a forum for the practical application and development of "hard" and "soft" systems techniques and thinking. Systems techniques relevant to this journal are those techniques that allow for better analysis of civil engineering and  environmental systems:  engineering optimization, risk assessment, decision analysis, system identification, numerical simulation, uncertainty modelling, and qualitative modelling of complex systems. Systems thinking relevant to this journal includes the advance of our understanding of complex civil engineering and environmental systems with respect to: safety, decision making, risk management, environmental policy and sustainable development.
All manuscript submissions are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor, and, if found suitable for further consideration, to rigorous peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees.
Design of III‐Nitride Multi‐layer Structures for Optical and Surface Acoustic Wave Interaction Some full text available
Research efforts into Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) devices built on III‐Nitrides has recently significantly intensified because of the increasing availability of good‐quality epitaxial material. Owing to their strong piezoelectricity and high acoustic velocity, high‐Al‐content materials are of particular interest in high‐speed applications (GHz electronics). For optoelectronics applications III‐Nitrides cover a wide range of wavelengths from ultra‐violet (AlN) to blue (GaN) to infra‐red (InN); thus providing great flexibility in the choice of operating wavelength. III‐Nitrides, therefore, become particularly attractive for the development of acousto‐optic modulators where the SAW is used to create a controllable (moving) optical grating, causing the diffraction of the Optical Guided Wave (OGW). The interaction is governed by the momentum and energy conservation and importantly by the field overlap of the two waves. We present here design guidelines and modelling results for the development of III‐Nitride‐based multi‐layer structures to support both OGW and SAW. The purpose of this study is to attempt to optimise the device efficiency compared to single GaN‐layer structures typically used in the literature where only the SAW characteristics are optimised.

Effect of Bandwidth Extension to Telephone Speech Recognition in Cochlear Implant Users Some full text available
The present study investigated a bandwidth extension method to enhance telephone speech understanding for cochlear implant (CI) users. The acoustic information above telephone speech transmission range (i.e., 3400 Hz) was estimated based on trained models describing the relation between narrow-band and wide-band speech. The effect of the bandwidth extension method was evaluated with IEEE sentence recognition tests in seven CI users. Results showed a relatively modest but significant improvement in the speech recognition with the proposed method. The effect of bandwidth extension method was also observed to be highly dependent on individual CI users.

Electric-field Induced Strain in Biological Tissues Some full text available
Abstract: This paper reports a new effect whereby a physiological-level
direct-current electrical field (at 1.4 V/cm) can induce time-varying mechanical
strain in various types of biological tissues and gel phantoms. This effect
cannot be explained by the piezoelectric effect, tissue contraction, temperature
changes, and electrorestriction. The induced strain in tissues was analyzed
by processing ultrasound echo signals. The sample expanded perpendicularly
to the applied electric field. The expansion rate depended on the
history of the applied electric field. The speed of sound changed little compared
with the expansion. The new effect might be related to electrokinetic

Engineering Computations : International journal for computer-aided engineering and software Some full text available
The journal presents its readers with broad coverage across all branches of engineering and science of the latest development and application of new solution algorithms, innovative numerical methods and/or solution techniques directed at the utilization of computational methods in engineering analysis, engineering design and practice.

Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management Some full text available
Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management publishes papers on innovative developments in the management and practice of construction, and original research work in all aspects of construction management. The journal is international and publishes papers from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa and the Middle East, reflecting the global nature of the construction industry and the research that supports it.

Foresight Some full text available
Futurists often remind us that the purpose of thinking about the future is not to predict what will happen but rather to consider alternatives. Although we cannot know the future, we can propose a range of alternative futures and make judgements about the assumptions that underpin them. Futures research provides a powerful framework and set of techniques that allow us to test the credibility of possible futures. Through a better understanding of what is likely to happen we should be able to make better decisions in the present.

Industrial Lubrication and Tribology Some full text available
The journal places special emphasis on the development of alternatives to finite hydrocarbons, including synthetics, "dry" lubricants and plastics composites. This leading edge material, drawn from both academic and industrial sources, plus a unique rolling programme review of new products and developments, means that Industrial Lubrication and Tribology is a balanced and well-informed resource offering immediate practical advantages to its subscribers.

Industrial Management & Data Systems Some full text available
Industrial Management & Data Systems (IMDS) aims to improve managerial skills by promoting awareness of new technology and related concepts and their implications for new products and processes; and to improve the industrial manager's understanding of all aspects of management activity, facilitating better communication between functions, so enhancing prospects for more effective corporate integration.

Info Some full text available
info brings together analysis of technological changes from a variety of perspectives (policy, management, industry structure, behavioural) drawing on concepts and models from economics, the political, social and behavioural sciences, decision analysis, engineering, and law. It provides an effective forum for debate and will help guide the policy and business decisions that are shaping the information economy and society of the 21st century.
note: Journal
International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology Some full text available
International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology (IJEST) - an E-journal is an international peer-reviewed, electronic, online journal published by MultiCraft. The aim and scope of the journal is to provide an academic medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of research results that support high-level learning, teaching and research in the fields of engineering, science and technology.
International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow Some full text available
he main objective of this international journal is to provide applied mathematicians, engineers and scientists engaged in computer-aided design and research in computational heat transfer and fluid dynamics, whether in academic institutions of industry, with timely and accessible information on the development, refinement and application of computer-based numerical techniques for solving problems in heat and fluid flow.

International Journal of Public Sector Management Some full text available
The International Journal of Public Sector Management focuses on the common issues which public sector managers face the world over-improving efficiency and effectiveness in situations of scarce resources and rising public expectations. Theory, concepts, methods and practical experience are all drawn upon. A double-blind review process ensures the journal's validity and relevance.

International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management Some full text available
The International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management focuses on issues of strategic significance in retailing and distribution worldwide and provides a forum for researchers in academia, business, consultancy and management. All academic articles are refereed anonymously.

International Journal of Structural Integrity Some full text available Resource contains video
Launched in 2010, the International Journal of Structural Integrity is published in partnership with the European Aeronautics Science Network to bring together academic and industrial research in the area of Damage Tolerance Design and structural integrity.

# The journal circulates the state of the art in the area of structural integrity.
# The published works reflect extensive and expensive research projects.
# The published works usually have the quality control of big research centres and manufacturers.
# The published works encapsulate trends and problems usually not visible in traditional research papers.
# The journal will be the platform for dissemination and exploitation of large research projects usually funded by the European Union, NASA, NSF, etc.
# Interviews will enable readers to be updated on issues related to future plans and current problems.
# Marketing/advertising material will be a useful source for up-to-date knowledge.

Journal of Business Strategy Some full text available
As one of the few journals dedicated to business strategy, JBS defines strategy in the broadest sense and thus covers topics as diverse as marketing strategy, innovation, developments in the global economy, mergers & acquisition integration and human resources
note: Journal
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering Some full text available
The current literature on maintenance engineering is scanty and scattered over a wide range of publications. This journal aims to bring together developments in maintenance and quality that are of interest to both practitioners and researchers.

Journal of Service Management Some full text available
The Journal of Service Management focuses on services management research and provides a communication medium for those working in the service management field irrespective of discipline, functional area, sector nationality. The journal publishes double-blind reviewed papers from both academics and practitioners.

Access to such a wide variety of research and case history information gives service industry managers the opportunity to keep abreast of new thinking, and adapt ideas to work successfully within their own organizations.

Journal of Technology Management in China Some full text available
In the age of globalisation, China presents a unique setting for organizations. The unprecedented growth of China's economy, which remains the fastest growing in the world, offers significant potential for both Chinese and foreign investors.

The Journal of Technology Management in China (JTMC) is an international journal committed to encouraging and publishing work from researchers and practitioners within the technology and knowledge transfer, technology and business strategy and technology management fields in China.

Microelectronics International : an International Journal Some full text available
Microelectronics International provides an authoritative, international and independent forum for the critical evaluation and dissemination of research and development, applications, processes and current practices relating to advanced packaging, micro-circuit engineering, interconnection, semiconductor technology and systems engineering. It represents a current, comprehensive and practical information tool.

The journal comprises a multi-disciplinary study of the various technologies, processes and current practices associated with the design, manufacture, assembly and various applications of miniaturized electronic devices and advanced packages.

Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures Some full text available
Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures is an international journal which aims to publish original and creative research contributions relating to multidiscipline modeling, design, optimization in materials and structures. It covers contributions from not only the classical subdivisions, but also from recently developing areas and interdisciplinary subjects. It provides a platform to researchers for the rapid exchange of ideas and techniques in multidiscipline interaction science and applications.

Parallel Detection for Picosecond Ultrasonics Some full text available
Picosecond laser ultrasonics is a powerful technique for measurement and diagnosis of micro‐ and nano‐scale structures. Unfortunately the data acquisition speeds are slow, this is a major drawback for widespread acceptance and usually makes imaging impractical. We are engaged in a program to accelerate the data capture rate by parallel acquisition of the incoming signals. This involves electronic developments as well as optical design. In order to parallelise the electronics we have used two approaches (i) a modified commercial camera and (ii) a custom built CMOS array detector. These approaches use an integrating camera which by application of suitable algorithms can perform the task of parallel lock in detection. Modulation depths below 1 part in 106, over 512 pixels can be readily detected with the commercial detector and smaller modulation depths are possible with the custom detector on account of the large well depth and hence high signal to noise. We also discuss the novel optical detection configurations that allow parallel detection of ultrasonic waves with ultrasonic wavelengths below the optical diffraction limit. Results are presented that show image acquisition rates orders of magnitude faster than normally possible with picosecond ultrasonic systems. Prospects for ultrahigh resolution optical resolution are discussed.

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A Some full text availableopenURL
Each issue of Philosophical Transactions A is devoted to a specific area of the mathematical, physical and engineering sciences. This area will define a research frontier that is advancing rapidly, often bridging traditional disciplines.

Phonetically Optimized Speaker Modeling for Robust Speaker Recognition Some full text available
This paper proposes an efficient method to improve speaker recognition performance by dynamically controlling the ratio of phoneme class information. It utilizes the fact that each phoneme contains different amounts of speaker discriminative information that can be measured by mutual information. After classifying phonemes into five classes, the optimal ratio of each class in both training and testing processes is adjusted using a non-linear optimization technique, i.e., the Nelder–Mead method. Speaker identification results verify that the proposed method achieves 18% improvement in terms of error rate compared to a baseline system.

Pigment & Resin Technology Some full text available
Pigment & Resin Technology provides a broad coverage of the materials and techniques employed in the formulation, manufacture and performance of paints, coatings, dyes, inks, adhesives, sealants and varnishes. Coverage is essentially of a practical nature and designed to be of material benefit to those working in the field. Proven applications are covered together with company news and new product information. Pigment & Resin Technology now also includes research articles that reflect the most interesting and strategically important research and development activities from around the world.

Police Studies: Intnl Review of Police Development Some full text available
Interdisciplinary and wide-ranging in scope, the journal covers the latest international developments on matters of policy, practice, management, operations, education and training, science and technology. The journal provides readers with a truly global and comparative perspective on policing. Sections within the journal include refereed articles, reviews of recent research, book reviews, debates and abstracts of articles published in other leading journals.

This journal is for those concerned with achieving greater effectiveness in policing and law enforcement. The worldwide readership includes senior police officers and policy makers, plus academics teaching and researching in this field.

Policing : an International Journal of Police Strategies & Management Some full text available
Interdisciplinary and wide-ranging in scope, the journal covers the latest international developments on matters of policy, practice, management, operations, education and training, science and technology. The journal provides readers with a truly global and comparative perspective on policing. Sections within the journal include refereed articles, reviews of recent research, book reviews, debates and abstracts of articles published in other leading journals.

This journal is for those concerned with achieving greater effectiveness in policing and law enforcement. The worldwide readership includes senior police officers and policy makers, plus academics teaching and researching in this field.

Rapid Prototyping Journal Some full text available
Rapid Prototyping Journal provides industrialists and academics with essential information regarding research into the development and application of rapid prototyping and related technologies. The journal concentrates on rapid product development in a manufacturing environment but applications within other areas, such as medicine and construction, are also covered. A double-blind review process ensures the content's validity and relevance.

Recent Patents on Engineering Some full text available
Recent Patents on Engineering publishes review articles by experts on recent patents in the major fields of engineering. A selection of important and recent patents on engineering is also included in the journal. The journal is essential reading for all researchers involved in engineering sciences.

Recent Patents on Engineering Volume 1, Number 2, June 2007 Some full text available
Recent Patents on Engineering publishes review articles by experts on recent patents in the major fields of engineering. A selection of important and recent patents on engineering is also included in the journal. The journal is essential reading for all researchers involved in engineering sciences.

Robust Time-division Channel-access Approach for an ad hoc Underwater Network Some full text available
An ad hoc underwater network is formed by a cluster of stationary nodes that can act as a source, destination, or a relay, in which data packet usually travels across multiple hops. Using a time-division scheme where the propagation delay between the nodes is used as a packet queuing buffer optimises throughput. This requires accurate knowledge of the relative ranges of all the nodes, a high level of accuracy in time-synchronisation, and restricts changes in the position of the nodes especially in the absence of a central server or master node within the network. A method that offers greater robustness is by using a time-slotted approach, where each node is offered a time-slot sufficient for one transmission to reach its maximum effective range. A passive acknowledgement scheme is implemented where a node listens for acknowledgement when the transmitted is being relayed. Nodes monitor other time-slots for the opportunity to contend for idle slots in order to enhance throughput. Results obtained from simulations demonstrate that this method is robust in supporting changes in the relative distances between the nodes, and can operate with a time synchronisation error of up to 1 second.

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology Some full text available
Soldering & Surface Mount Technology seeks to make an important contribution to the advancement of research and application within the technical body of knowledge and expertise in this vital area.

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology is a unique, authoritative, international and multi-disciplinary periodical for those with a research and application interest in all branches of soldering and surface mount technologies. The journal covers all aspects of SMT from alloys, pastes and fluxes, to reliability and environmental effects, and is currently providing an important dissemination route for new knowledge on lead-free solders and processes.

The New Causes for Irregularity in Students of Communications and Electronics Engineering at the Superior School of Electric and Mechanical Engineering Zacatenco. Some full text available
The superior school of electrical and mechanical engineering is a Mexican higher education school. It has six different degrees: Electrical, Communications and electronic, Mechanical, Aeronautic, Robotics, and Computer Science. All degrees have a strong problem about low grades of the students, and many students are failing in the credits. This paper analyzes old and new causes that produce that irregularity, especially in the Communications and Electronics engineering, where majors can be taken in five areas, Acoustic, Control, Electronic, Computation and Communications.

Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy Some full text available
ransforming Government publishes leading scholarly and practitioner research on the subject of transforming Government through its people, processes and policy. Unique and progressive in its approach, the journal seeks to recognise both the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives of eGovernment, and welcomes both pure and applied research that impacts central and local Government. International perspectives are also welcome.

The journal is also interested in exploring how research carried out in the private sector can be applied to the public sector as a means of improving efficiency and effectiveness.


Inventory Management Framework to minimize supply and demand mismatch on a manufacturing organization Some full text available
There is a problem of excessive inventory in a Manufacturing Company, situated in South Africa. In this study an Inventory Management Framework (IMF) was developed. Quantitative content analysis was used to collect data. Statistical tools were used to select the fiscal year with the vast data variation for data analysis for this study. 
Review of vibrating screen development trends: Linking the past and the future in mining machinery industries Some full text available
This paper presents a literature study of vibrating screen development trends and the nature of the evolution through the years. From this comprehensive survey, a model was developed to show the distinct novelties and technical features that have evolved in vibrating screen production trends in the mining machinery industries.


An Assessment of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory : Fiscal Year 2009 Some full text available
 Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory (National Institute of Standards and Technology) --Evaluation.
Raise the Bar : Strengthening the Civil Engineering Profession Some full text available
 Engineering -- Vocational guidance.   Civil engineering -- Study and teaching.   Civil engineers -- Certification.  Civil engineering -- Standards.


Computer Science and Communications Dictionary, Volume 1 Some full text available
The Computer Science and Communications Dictionary is the most comprehensive dictionary available covering both computer science and communications technology. A one-of-a-kind reference, this dictionary is unmatched in the breadth and scope of its coverage and is the primary reference for students and professionals in computer science and communications. The Dictionary features over 20,000 entries and is noted for its clear, precise, and accurate definitions. Users will be able to: Find up-to-the-minute coverage of the technology trends in computer science, communications, networking, supporting protocols, and the Internet; find the newest terminology, acronyms, and abbreviations available; and prepare precise, accurate, and clear technical documents and literature.

Dictionary of XML Technologies and the Semantic Web, Volume 1. Some full text available
The emerging Second-Generation Web is based entirely on XML and related technologies. This new version of the Web introduces a multitude of novel concepts, terms, and acronyms. The goal of this dictionary is not just to define the meaning of new words but to develop a proper understanding of leading-edge Web technologies. It will be an invaluable reference for all Internet professionals and practitioners as well as students and ordinary Web users. Key topics:- XML syntax and core technologies - All the major members of the XML family of technologies - Numerous XML-based domain-specific languages - Concept and architecture of the Semantic Web - Key Semantic Web technologies - Web services Features and Benefits:- Over 1,800 terms and definitions from a newly emerged area - Over 200 illustrations to promote an understanding of the latest technologies - Clear and accessible definitions and a unique writing style bridge the gap between definition and explanation.


ScienceDaily openURL Resource contains images Resource contains video

Computer Science News... Your source for the Research News.

EDN: Information, News, & Business Strategy for Electronics Design Engineers openURL is a comprehensive information source for the EOEM (electronics original equipment manufacturer) segment, providing in-depth technical information for electronics design engineers and news and strategic business insight for executives.

EE Times openURL
Provides engineers and technical managers with timely, relevant news, analysis and opinion - of both technology and business.

EE Web Pulse Some full text available
Weekly publication of technical articles, featured engineers and comics collected from Electrical Engineering Community web site.

Electronic Products openURL
Source of new products and technologies, reference designs, product teardowns, energy efficient technology, technology news and more.


Advances in Damage Mechanics: Metals and Metal Matrix Composites Some full text available
This book provides in a single and unified volume a clear and thorough presentation of the recent advances in continuum damage mechanics for metals and metal matrix composites. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical formulation of the different constitutive models in this area, but sections are added to demonstrate the applications of the theory. In addition, some sections contain new material that has not appeared before in the literature. The book is divided into three major parts: Part I deals with the scalar formulation and is limited to the analysis of isotropic damage in materials; Parts II and III deal with the tensor formulation and is applied to general states of deformation and damage. 
Advances in Electrical Engineering Research Some full text available
Applied Engineering Mathematics Some full text available
Engineering mathematics.   Mathematical analysis.   
Basic Concepts of Electrical Engineering Some full text available
Electrical engineering.   
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Some full text available
The ohm's law can be successfully applied to the various circuits to analyse them. In practice, the circuits may consist of one or more sources of e.m.f. and number of electical parameters, connected in different ways. The different electrical parameters or elements are resistors, capacitors and indicators. the combination of such elements along with various sources of energy give rise to complicated electrical circuits, generally reffered as net works.
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering By R.K. Rajput Some full text available
This book has been written specifically to meet exhaustively the requirements of the latest syllabus of the subject "Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering" for B.E. Examination ( common to Mechanical, Production, Automobile, Aeronautical and Marine engineering disciplines). it is divided into two parts : part I - Electrical Engineering and Part II - electronics Engineering.
Concrete abstractions: an introduction to computer science using Scheme Some full text available
CONCRETE ABSTRACTIONS offers students a hands-on, abstraction-based experience of thinking like a computer scientist. This text covers the basics of programming and data structures, and gives first-time computer science students the opportunity to not only write programs, but to prove theorems and analyze algorithms as well. Students learn a variety of programming styles, including functional programming, assembly-language programming, and object-oriented programming (OOP). While most of the book uses the Scheme programming language, Java is introduced at the end as a second example of an OOP system and to demonstrate concepts of concurrent programming.

Electrical Engineering Handbook Some full text available
 Electrical engineering
Engineering Mathematics Some full text available
This book incorporates in one volume the material covered in the mathematics course of undergraduate programmes in engineering and technology.
Engineering Mathematics By Amit K Awasthi Some full text available
The theory of functions of complex variable is utmost important in solving a large number of problems in the field of engineering. Many complicated integrals of real functions are solved with the help of ...

Engineering Mathematics By Ram Babu Some full text available
In this text on applied mathematics, we should state first that the subject is of great importance in applications. The evaluation of a wide class of definite integrals (even along the real axis) is facilitated.
Engineering Mathematics: Volume 1 Some full text available
It has now proved to be a powerful tool not only in the study of many branches of higher mathematics but also of electrical circuits, quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, computing and many other applied sciences.

Explorations in Computing: An Introduction to Computer Science Some full text available
Explorations in Computing: An Introduction to Computer Science focuses on the fundamental idea of computation and offers insight into how computation is used to solve a variety of interesting and important real-world problems. Taking an active learning approach, the text encourages students to explore computing ideas by running programs and testing them on different inputs.

Introduction to computer science By Ramon A. Mata-Toledo, Pauline K. Cushman Some full text available
Illustrates key computing concepts using examples in the most popular programming languages. This is an essential guide for the hundreds of thousands of students studying Introduction to Computer Science or Introduction to Programming, presenting the basic concepts of computerscience and illlustrating them with examples in C/C++, and Java. More than 285,000 college majors and 11,000 high school Advanced Placement candidates are enrolled in required Computing Science courses. Explains algorithm development and data abstraction. Supplements leading computer science textbooks.

Invitation to Computer Science Some full text available
This revision of Schneider and Gersting's bestselling text now offers a more flexible approach to the CS0 course. The text still features a solid introduction to programming concepts, but the language-specific material has been moved online and expanded. In addition to modules for C++ and Java, optional modules for C#, Python, and Ada are now available. The text also includes new chapters on Security and Entertainment, expanded coverage of wireless networks, and updated feature boxes.

Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing Some full text available
Electrical engineering, Computer science
Python programming: an introduction to computer science Some full text available
This book is suitable for use in a university-level first course in computing (CS1), as well as the increasingly popular course known as CS0. It is difficult for many students to master basic concepts in computer science and programming. A large portion of the confusion can be blamed on the complexity of the tools and materials that are traditionally used to teach CS1 and CS2. This textbook was written with a single overarching goal: to present the core concepts of computer science as simply as possible without being simplistic.

Schaum's outlines: Principles of computer science Some full text available
Schaum’s Outline of Principles of Computer Science provides aconcise overview of the theoretical foundation of computerscience. It also includes focused review of object-oriented programming using Java.

Simply scheme: introducing computer science Some full text available
This lively introduction to computer science and computer programming in Scheme is for non-computer science majors with a strong interest in the subject and for computer science majors who lack prior programming experience. The text allows the student to experience the computer as a tool for expressing ideas, not as a frustrating set of mathematical obstacles. This goal is supported by the use of Scheme, a modern dialect of Lisp, designed to emphasize symbolic programming.

Software Engineering Mathematics Some full text available
Software engineering -- Mathematics.   

Exam Papers

Civil and water Engineering Some full text available
Exam papers for Civil and water Engineering.

Almanacs & Yearbooks

Applied Engineering Mathematics
Engineering mathematics, Mathematical analysis.


Electronic Products and Technology (EPT) openURL Resource contains video
Canada's leading professional electronics magazine covering the latest in new products, applications, engineering, design and manufacturing techniques.

Electronics Weekly openURL Resource contains images Resource contains video
Comprehensive industry coverage from the UK electronics magazine.

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