Practice of Teaching I

This course guide assists with information related lesson planning, peer teaching, review of recorded lessons using evaluation instruments, teacher reflection and it also covers issues on log book writing. 
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Education + Training Some full text available
Education + Training addresses the increasingly complex relationships between education, training and employment and the impact of these relationships on national and global labour markets. The journal gives specific consideration to young people, looking at how the transition from school/college to employment is achieved and how the nature of partnerships between the worlds of education and work continues to evolve.The journal explores vocationalism in learning and efforts to address employability within the curriculum, together with coverage of innovative themes and initiatives within vocational education and training. The journal is read by policy makers, educators and academics working in a wide range of fields including education, learning and skills development, enterprise and entrepreneurship education and training, induction and career development.
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International Journal of Educational Management Some full text available
The journal contains material relating to innovation in educational management across the spectrum, the development of educational delivery mechanisms, and the creation of an environment in which the management of resources provides the most efficient outputs achievable on an international basis to allow the sharing of new initiatives.
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Journal of Educational Administration Some full text available
The JEA has sought to publish research on educational administration conducted across diverse political, economic and socio-cultural contexts.
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Reference Services Review Some full text available
Reference Services Review (RSR) is a leading journal dedicated to the enrichment and advancement of reference knowledge and the improvement of professional practice.
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Non-Native Prosody : Phonetic Description and Teaching Practice Some full text available
This volume presents an overview of the state of the art in second language prosody learning and teaching.
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Re-Making Teaching : Ideology, Policy and Practice Some full text available
his book sets out to survey the contemporary context of what is happening to the work of teaching, and focuses on Advanced Skills Teachers. It shows how teachers are 'speaking' the changes that are occuring to their work in protracted economically rationalist times. 
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Talk-Less Teaching : Practice, Participation and Progress Some full text available
Teacher-talk is a powerful tool. But whilst we must embrace teacher-talk as vital, we must also bear in mind that not all teacher-talk is created equally... Long periods of talk will not always keep a class spellbound. 
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