Surpervision and leadership in education
This course on Supervision and leadership in education is a very important course in the education sector.It basically involves the administration of education, administrative tasks, school based managemnt, authority leadership and governance, leadership styles, shool effectiveness, change and improvement, quality control, peer assessment and evaluation.
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Executive Leadership in Education Some full text available
The Editor cooperates with groups of scholars to present multifaceted, integrated expositions of important topics. A given issue of the Journal may contain contributions from social scientists, historians, philosophers, attorneys, practitioners, and policymakers. Unsolicited proposals for special issues including designation of participating scholars and an outline of articles will be accepted for review. Additionally, the Editor cooperates with Editorial Board members to identify potential topics, Guest Editors, and contributors. The Journal has the flexibility to consider publishing monographs or a series focused on particular lines of inquiry. In all cases, the Editor and the Editorial Board will ensure that each issue is carefully reviewed and its articles will comprise a high-quality contribution to understanding and practice.
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Leadership in Education Some full text available
For purposes of studying problems of the professional training, sense of social well-being, and professional and life plans of teachers, starting in 1991 the collective of the department of sociology of Urals State Pedagogical University has been conducting annual sociological surveys of students, instructors, and administration representatives of the university. These surveys, in which the author of this article has been participating directly, have revealed a number of disturbing tendencies.
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National Leadership in Education Some full text available
Science, founded by Thomas A. Edison in 1880 and published by AAAS, today ranks as the world's largest circulation general science journal. Published 51 times a year, Science is renowned for its highly cited, peer-reviewed research papers, its special strength in life science disciplines, and its award-winning coverage of breaking science news. The online edition includes not only the full text of current issues, but also Science archives dating back to Edison's first edition in 1880. ScienceCareers, found in print and online, provides relevant career articles published weekly, thousands of job postings updated several times a week, and other career related services. The online Science Multimedia Center features Science Podcasts, images and slide shows, videos, seminars, and other interactive features. 
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Eduational leadership Some full text available
Public education in England is experiencing intense, sustained and far-reaching
reforms in order to “modernise” its purposes, structures and cultures, as wellas the identities and practices of professional practitioners. These reforms are the instantiation in England of an international privatisation agenda a fundamental to which has beenthe construction of ‘reform-ready’ educational leaders who do leading as the mechanism to ‘secure local reform delivery. While educational is often used, in reality leaders, leading and leadership are disconnected from teaching and learning. Together, they constitute a form of organisational leadership that focuses on data as integral to effective and efficient school, college or university leadership. Correspondingly, such forms of organisational leadership have been normatively positioned as both necessary and axiomatically transformational, capable of being instructional and distributed to enable total and totalising reform to take place. Our use of the term educational leadership is intendedto capture this form of performative organisational leadership
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Supervision in Education : A Differentiated Approach with Legal Perspectives Instructor's Manual. Some full text available
 In Supervision in Education Bernadette Marczely draws on her expertise in both law and education to fully explain different methods of supervision and to carefully identify the legal issues that drive each approach. The book presents the information future educational administrators need to know, plus it offers helpful pointers on what they need to do. Students will learn: _ How to understand the distinction between evaluation and supervision. _ How to personalize supervision to address unique professional needs. _ Why legally effective evaluation requires evidence of preliminary supervision. _ Why teachers, administrators, certified, and noncertified staff all merit thoughtful supervision. _ What legal and management implications to anticipate from different methods of supervision. 
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Reframing leadership education: perspectives from South Africa Some full text available
In response to recent calls for more ‘socially constructive’ social constructions of leadership’, this symposium from the Leadership and Leadership Development track of BAM 2013 considers the potential effects of critical and emancipative forms of leadership education for individuals, groups and societies. It will focus on experiences and insights from South Africa, a country still coming to terms with its colonial history, the legacy of apartheid, and its many social, political and economic challenges. The presenters will consider the context, challenges, opportunities and practices of developing leaders and leadership in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ and the extent to which HE institutions can serve as important identity workspaces where people can collectively address issues of exclusion, oppression and inequality. The symposium will conclude by inviting participants to consider the roles and responsibilities of leadership educators in (re)building individual, group and social resilience in South Africa and beyond. 
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Higher education: Leadership, structure and power. Some full text available
The Article review reviews the books "Academic Reform: Policy Options for Improving the Quality and Cost-Effectiveness of Undergraduate Education in Ontario," by Ian D. Clark, David Trick and Richard Van Loon and "Leadership Under Fire: The Challenging Role of the Canadian University President," by Ross H. Paul.
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