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1 how do i find past exam papers?
Comment from atm on Oct 10 2011

The past exam papers are found in the NuStone Digital Library.  Links are provided on the Library's home page. To access the papers directly, click here.

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2 Where can I find lecture notes?
Comment from Mercy on Oct 05 2011

 Well, you would have to get lecture notes from your lecturers. However, we'll soon be working on Course and Topic Guides to assist you further with your studies. Thank you.

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3 We want 2 be able to open the journals when not @ NUST!
Comment from TJD on Aug 31 2011

 The Library will soon acquire a system where you can login with your library account and access the resources from anywhere.

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4 How can I get help on Information Literacy Skills?
Comment from Jack on Jul 14 2011

Please visit the eResources Centre and make arrangements for some training. Thanks for your interest.

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