Faculty Liaison


Faculty Liason

NUST Library has in place a system of Faculty Librarians to work with academic staff in support of their teaching and research endeavours. Faculty Librarians serve as information specialists for each Faculty. They also work with students in support of their learning.

Faculty Librarians

FacultyFaculty Librarianemail Address
Communication & Information ScienceMr W Tekedewilliam.tekede@nust.ac.zw
EngineeringMr A Machimbidzaarchford.machimbidza@nust.ac.zw
CommerceMr J Marowajudah.marowa@nust.ac.zw
MedicineMs T Tanhuketapiwa.tanhuke@nust.ac.zw
Applied SciencesMs F. Masochaflorence.masocha@nust.ac.zw
Science And Technology EducationMr C Maodzwachenjerai.maodzwa@nust.ac.zw
Built EnvironmentMs S. Zondosiphethimpi.zondo@nust.ac
Environmental ScienceMs F. Masochaflorence.masocha@nust.ac.zw