Research Support Services


Research Support Services offered by NUST Library

Welcome to the Research Support Services at NUST Library. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance and resources to support the research endeavors of our esteemed researchers within the institution. Our goal is to empower researchers by offering a range of specialized services and expertise to enhance the quality, impact, and visibility of their scholarly work.

  1. Research Consultations:
    Our experienced librarians are available for personalized research consultations to help researchers navigate the vast landscape of scholarly resources. Whether you need assistance with literature reviews, database selection, or research strategies, our librarians are here to guide you towards the most relevant and reliable information sources for your research.
  2. Information Retrieval and Access:
    We facilitate access to a wide array of scholarly resources, including academic journals, e-books, conference proceedings, and specialized databases. Our library’s extensive collection, both in print and online, ensures that you have access to the latest research in your field.
  3. Open Access Publishing and Scholarly Communication:
    We promote open access publishing and assist researchers in navigating the publishing landscape. Our experts can provide guidance on selecting reputable open access journals, understanding copyright and licensing issues, and complying with open access mandates. We also offer resources and workshops on scholarly communication, including author rights, citation metrics, and research impact.
  4. Research Impact and Metrics:
    Our library provides support in assessing and enhancing the impact of your research. We offer guidance on tracking and measuring research impact, citation analysis, and using metrics such as h-index and altmetrics. Our team can help you understand the visibility and influence of your work and explore strategies to increase its reach and significance.
  5. Research Workshops and Training:
    We organize a diverse range of workshops and training sessions tailored to researchers’ needs. Topics include literature searching techniques, reference management tools, data analysis software, and research writing skills. These sessions aim to enhance your research capabilities and keep you updated with the latest tools and technologies relevant to your field.

At NUST Library, we are committed to supporting your research journey. Our Research Support Services are designed to empower you with the information, resources, and expertise you need to excel in your scholarly pursuits. Reach out to our dedicated research support team, or schedule a consultation to explore how we can assist you in achieving your research goals.