How can I access past exam papers online?
Are food and drink allowed in the library?
Can I use my laptop in the library?
Can library users access past exam papers on calculus?
How can I access full dissertations from the Library?
How can I get training in Information Literacy Skills?
How do I access electronic resources off campus?
How do I use the wireless network?
How do I use the wireless network?
What are key to icons?
What is a database?
What is a journal?
What is a subject guide?
What is copyright?
What is the library's policy on cell phones?
What should I do to access the library's Wifi on my laptop?
Where can i get academic library information?
Where do i get Calculus books in the Library?
Where do i locate full text dissertations in the library?Are they available online?
Who should I talk to about library resources in my subject area?
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