Staff List

University Librarian

Welcome to the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Library. Our University Librarian, Mrs Ethel P Kawome is dedicated to providing exemplary leadership and direction in managing and enhancing our library services. With a profound commitment to fostering academic excellence, Mrs Kawome oversees the strategic development and implementation of innovative library resources and services that support the university’s teaching, learning, and research endeavors.

With extensive experience in library management and a passion for advancing knowledge, Mrs Kawome ensures that our library remains a vibrant and inclusive space for all students, faculty, and researchers. Under her leadership, the NUST Library continually adapts to the evolving needs of our academic community, embracing new technologies and methodologies to improve access to information.

Mrs Kawome ‘s vision is to cultivate an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, supports scholarly communication, and enhances the overall academic experience at NUST. Through collaborative efforts and a user-centered approach, the University Librarian is dedicated to upholding the library’s mission of being a cornerstone of academic success.

Mrs Ethel P Kawome

Cynthia Ncube
Deputy Librarian
Amos Kujenga
IT Manager
Mutandazo Muswipa
Library Circulation Manager
Siphethimpi Zondo
eResources Manager
Florence Masocha
Cataloging Manager