Special Collections

Special Collections

Special Collections

NUST Library has the following special collections:
– Company reports.
– Conference proceedings (attended by or hosted by NUST officials).
– Dissertation/ Theses (from NUST students, students supervised by NUST staff and from other universities).
– Industrial attachment reports (from NUST students).
– Institutional repository (papers presented by NUST staff at workshops, seminars etc).
– African collection (books about Africa’s political, social, economic etc issues)
– Part of Yvonne Vera’s private collection – mostly literary criticism works.

NUST Library’s Special Collections have grown largely as a result of donations and bequests. Some material is also acquired through exchanges.

Library Membership:
To access the library’s resources and services, you will typically need to be a Student or Staff member at the National University of Science and Technology. Students and faculty members usually have automatic membership, while external researchers may need to apply for library access.

Library Card:
The university student or staff identity card suffices to grant access physically to the Library. These serve as your identification and provides access to borrowing materials and other services. Make sure to carry your student or staff identity card whenever you visit the library.

Library Catalog and Collections:
The library catalog can be accessed through the library’s website or dedicated computer terminals within the library. Use the catalog to search for books, journals, periodicals, and other resources available in the library’s collection. Note down the call numbers or locations of the materials you require.

Locating Materials:
Once you have identified the materials you need, navigate through the library’s shelves using the call numbers as a guide. Our librarie organizes its collections using the Dewey Decimal Classification or Library of Congress Classification system. Seek assistance from library staff if you have trouble locating specific items.

Borrowing Materials:
When you find the desired materials, proceed to the circulation desk. Present your card along with the items you wish to borrow. The library staff will check out the materials for you, record the due dates, and provide you with a receipt or borrowing slip.

Return and Renewal:
Adhere to the due dates for returning borrowed materials to avoid late fees or penalties. Return the items to the designated return counter or drop box within the library premises. If you need to extend the borrowing period, inquire about the renewal process at the circulation desk.

Library Services and Facilities:
The NUST University Library offers various services and facilities, such as reference assistance, study areas, computer stations, and access to electronic resources. Familiarize yourself with these services to make the most of your library experience.

The NUST University Library is a valuable resource center that supports learning, research, and academic pursuits. By understanding the library’s location and circulation procedures, you can efficiently navigate the library, access its resources, and maximize the benefits it offers. If you need further assistance or have specific questions, do not hesitate to approach the library staff, who are there to help you make the most of your library experience.