Accredited Journals

Accredited journals have collections of scholarly articles written by experts in academic or professional fields. To receive subsidy or recognition for an article you have written, you are advised to publish in a journal which is accredited from the lists below:

Science Citation Index (Thomson Reuters)
Social Sciences Citation Index (Thomson Reuters)
Web of Science (Thomson Reuters)
DHET Accredited Journal List (SA)

To determine a journal’s impact factor go to Journal Citation Reports

Predatory Publishers and Predatory Journals

“Predatory publishers are bad for science and bad for science communication for several reasons. First, science is cumulative – contemporary research builds on research recorded as part of the scholarly record. Because many predatory publishers do a fake or minimal peer review, it is possible for bogus research to be published in these journals, masquerading as real science. This work can then get cited in legitimate journals, dirtying future science…Documenting the unethical practices of predatory publishers is difficult because most are not transparent in their operations.

Further, because of the dishonest peer review and the lack of proper vetting by predatory publishers, these counterfeit journals contain many instances of author misconduct. This misconduct can include plagiarism and self-plagiarism, and it can extend to more serious misconduct including data and image manipulation. Indeed, many predatory journals are veritable reservoirs of author misconduct.

Because predatory publishers earn their money through author fees, they prioritize their efforts to meet the authors’ needs over the readers’ needs…They pay insufficient attention to value-added features that benefit readers – such as automated reference linking – preferring instead to focus on authors’ needs, such as a super-fast review process, so it is easy for potential authors to be lured into their traps.” Jeffrey Beall, 2013.

List of Predatory Publishers
List of Predatory Journals
Criteria for determining Predatory Publishers