ICOLC statement on the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

The ICOLC statement on the Global COVID-19 Pandemic, calls on publishers and content providers to make any relevant information and data sets about COVID-19, Coronaviruses, vaccines, antiviral drugs, etc. Open Access immediately.

eResources Center

Print: Print resources available for users include journals, newsletters, newspapers, annual reports, memoirs, transactions, and proceedings of societies. All print resources are for library use only. Patrons can borrow a maximum of 1 newspaper and 3 journals at a time.

EBSCO Faculty Select

What is Faculty Select?

Faculty Select is a single interface where faculty can easily discover and access Open Educational Resources (OER), as well as find and request access to unrestricted, DRM-free e-books from top academic publishers.

With this option, EBSCO is offering a simplified version of Faculty Select that includes access to OER material as well as the option to discover more than 225,000 DRM-free EBSCO eBooks™ in one place, available at no charge for faculty to use through June 30, 2020. Contact your EBSCO representative if you have any questions or want to learn more.

Faculty can use this link to access now.

How will it work?

  • Faculty can then click the above link to access the simplified version of Faculty Select.
  • Faculty can then search more than 12,400 Open Educational Resources, and copy/paste links to relevant materials into their Learning Management System (LMS) or send links to the material directly to students to access.
  • Faculty can also search and discover more than 225,000 DRM-free EBSCO eBooks; if they discover an e-book of interest, they can contact their librarian to discuss potentially purchasing.

EIFL’S response to the Covid-19 pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, EIFL is working with its partners globally to help ensure that education and research continue despite disruptions, and that the scientific and health sectors have access to the widest range of trusted resources to support their work while the crisis continues.