eResources Center

eResources Centre The NUST Library e-resources centre is a unit that exists to support the teaching, research, innovation and entrepreneurial needs of the university community. The unit’s aim is to build and maintain a broad periodicals collection and manage electronic resources focusing on all programmes offered at NUST. Resources available Print The print resources available for users include journals, newsletters, newspapers, annual reports, memoirs, transactions, and proceedings of societies. All print resources are for library use only. They cannot be taken out of the library’s premises. Newly acquired journals are displayed on the newspaper display unit next to the entrance. The library acquires the periodicals through subscriptions, donations or exchanges. Some journal titles are available in electronic format and details can be obtained from the Online Public Access Catalogue. To access print resources users have to produce a valid NUST identity card and leave it with the member of staff in charge at the e-resources centre. The I.D card would be given back to the user when the publication(s) are returned and have been checked the physical condition. If defaced, appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken. There is fine for damaged periodicals. Users can borrow a maximum of 1 newspaper and 3 journals at a time. Electronic resources Electronic databases: The NUST Library subscribes to more than 50 databases containing journals, books, newsletters, reviews, articles and conference proceedings. To access these databases, users have to visit the NUST library website and follow the link electronic resources. This link will take the user to an alphabetical guide of all databases accessible to the users. There is remote access to these databases for all users outside the NUST local area network. To access the resources from outside NUST, users have to follow the link, electronic resources (off campus). To open these databases, the username is the user’s name and surname and the barcode is the password. Online Public Access Catalogue: The e-catalogue allows users to search for the library’s collections at their own convenience, regardless of the geographic location. We encourage users to get bibliographic details of serials from the e-catalogue/ Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), i.e., the title and call (class) number. When users have identified articles from a serial they can borrow it to take notes or photocopy. E-past exam papers: The e-resources centre makes available electronic past exam papers. E-dissertations: Electronic abstracts for dissertations done by final year students and post graduate students are also available online. Information Literacy Skills and e-resources training: The e-resources centre offers an information literacy skills and e-resources training to NUST students free of charge. These trainings take half a day and they are very useful to academic research. Rules and regulations The use of social networks is prohibited in the e-resources centre. The computers and the internet is only for academic purposes. Laptops are not allowed in the e-resources centre. The charging of phones and any other devices is prohibited. A valid NUST id is needed for one to use the resources, computers and periodicals.